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Takeya’s new premium insulated water bottles keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours

During the hot summer months, nothing cools things down like ice-cold water. However, from the fridge to the car, to work, and to the gym, typical containers have a hard time keeping water from heating up. Takeya, known for its water bottles and tumblers, has announced a collection of premium insulated water bottles to keep water cold no matter how active the lifestyle.

This new Actives Collection focuses on sports, fitness, and wellness. Its biggest innovation is in its leak-proof, sweat-proof, and insulated lid. Without the lid, users can easily add ice to any beverage. When screwed back on, the smaller spout makes sipping, chugging, or pouring easier. For easy carrying, the lid also features a loop handle.

Other benefits beyond the lid provide further insulation and durability. The bottle itself has a vacuum-insulated design to enable drinks to remain ice cold for up to 24 hours or steaming hot for 12. The double wall prevents condensation, ensuring the bottle is always easy to grasp. Adding to the grip is a double powder coating. This also gives the bottles some added durability. Taking things a step further, Takeya has also added a silicone bumper to the base to minimize dents and scratches from setting the drink down.

Water bottles aren’t the only thing getting improvements. The tumblers within the Actives Collection use a patent pending Flip Lid to prevent spills. Whether the tumbler is dropped, tossed, or shaken, they won’t waste anything.

“At Takeya we love to be active, we love to sweat, and we revel in feeling strong and healthy,” says John Lown, president and CEO of Takeya USA. “We also know how important hydration is to the process, and found that the industry was missing functional, insulated water bottle solutions for fitness enthusiasts like us.”

The Takeya Actives Collection is available now on Amazon or from Takeya’s official website. The collection includes bottles from 18 to 40 ounces and tumblers at 20 and 30 ounces. Pricing depends on size and ranges from $30 to $40. Both bottles and tumblers are available in a variety of colors including black, white, slate, red, midnight, fuchsia, violet, sapphire, teal, lime, and yellow.

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