SmartDuvet Breeze adds temperature control to the self-making bed cover

Smartduvet impressed us when it tfirst announced its self-making bed. Now, with the launch of the Smartduvet Breeze, the company added the ability for dual-zone climate control.

When it comes to falling asleep, everyone feels comfortable at a different temperature. Some like to be warm and toasty. Others like to be more on the cold side. Smartduvet Breeze allows users to individually set the temperature on either side of the bed, all without losing the tech that the company has become known for.

Just like the original Smartduvet, the updated model uses a seamless, ultra-light inflatable sheet that sits between the duvet and the duvet cover. When the bed-making feature is activated, a small device beneath the bed inflates the main air chamber, lifting the duvet back to its original position. A smaller network of air channels takes care of delivering conditioned air, allowing the duvet to keep cool without inflating the main chamber.

According to Smartduvet, Breeze could significantly lower energy consumption during the hot summer months. Instead of cooling down the entire home for a good night’s sleep, users could cool their body directly. Alternatively, the control box can provide warm, dry air to keep users warm in the winter months. Couples that prefer different temperatures could also take advantage of the dual zone climate control. No longer will users need to compromise with their loved one when it comes to sleeping.

As we said with the previous Smartduvet, the bed-making feature appeals to anyone that hates making beds or simply doesn’t have the time. Elderly people or those with disabilities may also benefit greatly from the ease of a self-making bed. Each day can be programmed for when to make the bed, great for users who would like to sleep in on the weekends.

Currently, the Smartduvet Breeze is available in various bed sizes on IndieGoGo. Prices start at $199, with bigger discounts given to families who might buy multiple units. Shipments are expected to go out this September.

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