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Smartduvet doesn't think you should make your bed and will do it for you

Most people wouldn’t peg making their bed as their least favorite chore, but at least one person out there hated it so much that they sought to automate the entire process. From that, the Smartduvet was born.

Currently featured on Kickstarter, the Smartduvet isn’t meant to replace your existing bedding, only enhance it. Its design features an inflatable layer between the duvet and the cover that is controlled by a phone app.

With a few clicks on the app, you can activate your Smartduvet to make the bed instantly. It even has the ability to schedule bed makings for a particular desired time. Each day can be scheduled individually so that you can sleep in on the weekends if you really want to.

The inflatable layer is made of space age, lightweight, breathable material and which an included pump fills with air when activated. Its grid design is meant to allow for air circulation and prevent excess heat buildup. The Smartduvet even has a smart attach system so that users can attach their duvet to their sheets to keep them properly in place.

While this design likely appeals to those among us who just hate making our beds or simply just don’t have the time, it does have some actual merit. The elderly or people with disabilities may face real challenges when it comes to making their beds. Elderly folks who are particularly at risk for falls could definitely benefit from the ease of a self making bed.

The project is currently on Kickstarter and has raised about $5,000 of it’s $22,000 goal. A set serving a queen-sized bed set will cost about $289 on Kickstarter, saving you forty percent off the retail price. The set includes the Smartduvet, along with the air pump, a standard duvet, and a cover. The company is expecting to start shipping product in May 2017.

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