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The Smeg 500 is a fridge made from a Fiat and it is coming stateside

With all the different kitchen appliance manufacturers out there, sometimes it can be hard to build something iconic. When people look at a stand mixer, they think KitchenAid. Yet, no manufacturer really stands out for refrigerators. They all blend into one another. That is about to change with the release of the Smeg 500.

The Smeg 500 is a working refrigerator built to resemble the front of an original Fiat 500. In fact, it is the exact same size and uses genuine Fiat parts. While Europeans have been able to purchase this unconventional fridge since 2013, the Italian appliance manufacturer finally announced it is coming to the United States later this summer, according to Reviewed.

This refrigerator modeled after the iconic Italian car is part of Smeg’s growing lineup of premium, retro appliances. Aside from the Smeg 500, the collection includes large appliances including fridges or dishwashers, and small appliances such as toasters, blenders, or stand mixers. Additionally, existing fridge models received new color and size options as well as hand-painted variations in partnership with Dolce and Gabbana.

Instead of an engine under the hood of the Smeg 500, owners will find a built-in cellar-style fridge with a capacity of about 3.5-cubic feet or 100 liters. It won’t be able to store everything a standard fridge carries, but it is perfect for holding prosecco, Genoa salami, and Taleggio cheese.

For those looking to buy, the Smeg 500 is manufactured to meet the “A-plus” energy class. It has two sliding doors under the hood made with low emission glass. The thermostat is fully adjustable with automatic defrost. Energy consumption is estimated at 115-kilowatt hours per year with nominal power at 70 watts. When running, the noise level is measured at 42 decibels, about as loud as a public library. For convenience, the fridge also includes three removable bottle holders and an optional shelf for canned drinks.

When the Smeg 500 first launched in Europe, it sold for the equivalent of $8,500. An official price for the American market has yet to be set. As a nod to its heritage, it launched in just three colors — green, white, and red. Since then, the lineup has expanded to include yellow and blue.

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