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Put all of humankind in the palm of your hands with ‘Civilization VI’ on iPad

CIVILIZATION VI iPad Launch Trailer
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI wowed us upon its release in 2016, perfecting the formula after 25 years of refinement. It’s now one year later and Civilization VI has returned to fit in the palms of peoples’ hands. Strategy game fans can now download this award-winning title from the iOS App Store on iPad. Controlling an empire now takes only the touch of a finger.

This iPad port marks the first time the core Civilization series has been playable on iOS (Civilization Revolution was made exclusively for mobile). The full base game has been brought over, with the only exception being expansion content. Despite the missing expansions, this iPad version still features traditional local multiplayer modes, along with smaller bite-sized situations to complete in a single session. This way, short commutes are sure not to interrupt the game.

Published by 2K Games, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game from legendary game designer Sid Meier. The goal is to build an empire that begins in the Stone Age and lasts through the Information Age. Players become Ruler of the World by leading their civilization through war, conducting diplomacy, and advancing culture. Some of history’s greatest leaders go head-to-head with players to create the better empire.

New to the series in Civilization VI is a tutorial system designed to introduce newcomers to the game’s complexities. For veteran players, there are many new ways to build and improve their civilization for a greater chance at success. For example, instead of “one unit per tile,” units can now be combined. Pair anti-tank support with infantry, warriors with settlers, or similar units together to form powerful “Corps” units.In order to get a leg up, we’ve assembled some starting tips for both newcomers and veterans alike, including city planning and strategic resources. There is also a guide for the various strengths and weaknesses of each leader that players can choose from.

Civilization VI is currently available at the discounted price of $30, with newcomers able to play the first 60 turns for free before reaching for their wallets. This 50 percent discount is available until 11:59 p.m. PT on January 4. Before purchasing, be sure your iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad 2017 has been updated with iOS 11.

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