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Marshmallow mushrooms for breakfast? Only in Super Mario Cereal

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Cereal has a long history of partnering with licensed franchises. Even today, Kellogg’s offers children the choice of Disney Princess or Despicable Me Minion Made cereal. It’s been 28 years since Nintendo filled our cereal bowls with the Nintendo Cereal System, but Nintendo is making the jump back into breakfast with the new Super Mario Cereal.

After rumors spread on cereal news and review blog Cerealously, Nintendo confirmed the existence of Super Mario Cereal on its website. The cereal will have a “blast of mixed berry flavor” and contains power-up marshmallow shapes. On the box, we can see red and green mushrooms as well as question blocks. The cereal itself appears to be shaped like invincibility stars, and with the blast of sugar it provides, you’ll probably feel invincible for a bit after eating it.

Box art for Super Mario Cereal

In addition to acting as a sugary breakfast, boxes of Super Mario Cereal also come with amiibo support. This means that Nintendo Switch owners playing Super Mario Odyssey could use the cereal box as an amiibo in their game. If you tap the box on your Joy-Con controller, you’ll be rewarded with either gold coins or a heart — this should come in handy when facing some of the tougher late-game challenges.

Nintendo has been out of the cereal market for nearly 30 years. Children of the 1980s might remember Donkey Kong for its “crunchy barrels of fun” or the Nintendo Cereal System. The latter is better remembered for featuring both Super Mario Bros.- and Zelda-themed cereals, coming with fruity and berry flavors split between two bags.

Nintendo has partnered with Kellogg’s in the past, however, for Mario-themed fruit snacks. While bearing almost no resemblance to the characters the snacks are meant to portray, they are mighty tasty and we admit to eating them for far longer than we should have. The same can’t be said for the “3-Dees” Mario gummy candy, which is an abomination.

The Super Mario Cereal will begin appearing in grocery stores on December 11. You can’t pre-order it, because it is a cereal, and the entire thing is a loot box.

Update: Added official information from Nintendo.

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