Obol ‘Swoop n Scoop’ helps you avoid soggy cereal

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Cereal is great at any time of day, but unless you eat it without milk, a persistent problem has plagued the food since we can remember. You pour yourself a bowl of your favorite variety, top it with some milk, and by the time you reach the end of the bowl or pause to read some morning news online, your cereal has turned into soggy, unappetizing mush.

The Obol ($19) aims to solve that pesky problem with a clever design that keeps your cereal and milk separate until you scoop them together in one perfectly crunchy spoonful. The “Swoop n Scoop” design lets users scoop the cereal from the top portion down into the milk while still keeping things separated. The bowl also has a unique bottom design for the perfect grip while you are watching TV or multitasking while you eat.

Eating your morning (or afternoon, or midnight) cereal will no longer be a race to get to the bottom of the bowl before sogginess creeps in, unless you like that type of thing. Now you can take the time to read that article, answer a phone call, or send an email without worrying that your cereal will be ruined. Try the Obol for other things like cookies and milk, soup and goldfish, or chips and salsa. It will help keep all your foods separate and make it easier to eat in bed or while watching TV. It’s a double win.

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