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Limited-edition ‘Destiny 2’ Ghost comes to life with Amazon Alexa’s new skill

A game like Destiny 2 can be a lot to handle. Certain weapon and armor loadouts are best for different situations, and the game’s lore requires encyclopedia knowledge. But for anyone who owns an Amazon Alexa-compatible device, playing the game just got a lot more convenient.

Thanks to a new Destiny 2 Ghost skill for Alexa devices, the game features new hands-free voice commands. Players can now ask their Ghost about Destiny lore, equip items, send messages to friends, and more. By downloading the new skill, more than 1,000 custom voice lines can be initiated by asking “Alexa, ask Ghost…” or “Alexa, tell Ghost…” All of the new dialogue is voiced by the in-game voice actor Nolan North.

To make everything feel even more authentic, Amazon and Bungie are also releasing a limited-edition Ghost Wi-Fi speaker, compatible with an Alexa device like the Amazon Echo. Built-in LEDs activate during responses, bringing the Ghost to life.

Some of the voice commands are more useful than others in Destiny 2. For example, players can save up to four loadouts for the character based on the Crucible, Nightfall, Strike, and Trials of the Nine. Instead of manually swapping out armor and weapons individually between activities, players can ask Alexa to equip them while in orbit or in a social space.

A big aspect of Destiny 2 is playing along with friends. Using Ghost, Alexa can see which clan members are online, what the clan level is, and any rewards that were earned. Messages can also be sent directly to clanmates through the companion app and When the game really gets tough, players can also say “Alexa, tell Ghost to call for backup.” Friends will automatically receive a message requesting help.

For newcomers that skipped the first game, the lore can be a bit overwhelming. The Ghost skill makes all that information easily accessible. Don’t know who the Red Legion are? Just ask.

The Destiny 2 Ghost replica and the Alexa skill are compatible with the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One versions of the game. The replica speaker is available for pre-order now for $90. It ships on December 19, in time for the holidays.

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