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Prevent turkey tummy with this personal trainer subscription app

This time of year, when the holidays roll around and the temperature drops, it can be hard to stay active. It’s a time for eating with friends and family, while the rain or snow traps us indoors. In order to prevent winter weight gain, Aaptiv is a personal trainer app that helps people work out on their own terms.

With a monthly subscription charge, users gain unlimited access to hundreds of fitness audio classes with more than 150 classes added each month. Workouts vary in focus such as running, high-intensity interval training, strength training, indoor cycling, elliptical, pilates, and yoga.

Unlike other fitness apps, Aaptiv is audio-only. While this seems like a drawback, people following videoes can strain their neck to see the screen rather than focusing on their form. With Aaptiv, a personal trainer guides users through workouts that follow the rhythm of popular music tracks. Users can find or create their own playlists and filter classes by distance, duration, intensity, or trainer.

When selecting a class in Aaptiv, users can see a short description of what to expect, as well as extra details like duration, calories burned, distance, max speed, and more. After the workout is finished, classes can be rated, shared, added to favorites, and commented on. This ensures that members can focus on only the best workouts.

As people use the app, progress is monitored both in the app and in Google Fit. Users can see exactly how many miles they’ve run, minutes they’ve been active, and calories they’ve burned. A workout schedule can also be set with easy reminders to keep people on track.

Even if a user plans to go on vacation, classes are downloadable to keep them on their schedule. The only limit to how many classes are downloaded is the storage space on the device.

Aaptiv is available for iOS and Android devices and comes with a free trial period. Paying month-to-month will cost users $10 per month after a one-week trial. To save money in the long run, users can also pay $100 annually and gain a one-month free trial.

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