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Hit up the group chat! ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ adds new 50-on-50 mode

Fortnite Battle Royale - 50v50 Announce Trailer
Whether its Fortnite, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, or another battle royale game, it can be hard to come out as the winner. Whether players are good at hiding or fighting, chances are they won’t win every match. With teams, there’s a much bigger chance for a victory.

Announced during the Game Awards 2017, Epic Games is bringing a limited time 50 vs. 50 mode to Fortnite Battle Royale. This new game mode takes the popular last person standing mode and divides everyone up into two teams.

Fortnite first added the popular battle royale mode back in September. In this mode, players begin on a floating battle bus. Equipped with a glider and a pickax, players must fend for themselves in order to win. Throughout the giant map, there are plenty of weapons to use, traps to set, and environments to destroy. While not the first implementation of the mode, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds helped skyrocket this style of game into popularity. Where Fortnite really differs from other titles is with its base-building mechanics. Rather than hiding, players can build some cover to keep them safe.

Aside from the new game mode, Epic Games has also revealed that Fortnite has grown to more than 30 million players since the game’s launch in July. Just over the weekend, the game reached another new milestone of 1.3 million online users at the same time.

When playing online multiplayer, its important to remember that cheating is frowned upon. Nobody likes playing with cheaters. They create an unfair advantage that isn’t possible through regular play. Epic Games is not pulling any punches when it comes to banning players either. Thousands of players have already been booted for the act and Epic has no plans to stop.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available now for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Players who are interested in the limited time 50 vs. 50 mode have until Sunday, December 17, to take part. Other unique game modes and content are planned for the future. For those who are more interested in the original, cooperative-focused campaign, Fortnite is also available as an early-access game in a variety of packages starting at $40 across all platforms.

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