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Heat up those winter camping trips with the Euro Blackcan heated sleeping pad

For many outdoor lovers, camping is a year-round activity. Even with snow on the ground, campers will pack their winter gear for a frosty adventure. No matter how warm a sleeping bag might be, everyone has those nights where they can’t get warm enough in their tent, however. To keep campers warm in extreme weather, the Euro Blackcan heated sleeping pad circulates hot water throughout the mat.

The typical sleeping pad keeps users insulated from the cold ground using pockets of air or foam. The Euro Blackcan, on the other hand, houses a system of tubes that attach to an external heating element, providing a constant supply of hot water. The heating element works with any standard canister of butane or propane. A single 230-gram canister of-of butane should provide 10 hours of warmth, while a 265-gram canister of propane should last up to 24 hours.

How hot does it get? According to the product description, the heating pad can reach a toasty 86 degrees Fahrenheit when exterior temperatures are reaching 86 degrees below zero. If that is too hot for comfort, the temperature can be controlled via a small lever on the Blackcan.

BLACKCAN Boiler Warm Water Mat System for SLEEPING BAG of Camping

Going to sleep with a butane-powered heater going may make campers uncomfortable, but Euro Blackcan was built with safety in mind. The product has passed multiple safety tests and international standards when it comes to gas cut-off, gas leakage, fire prevention, and combustible harmful gas. The heater is designed to hang outside the tent from an included tripod, automatically shutting off the gas if something like the wind knocks it over.

No matter how luxurious it sounds, a camping product is no good if it can’t be carried easily to and from the campsite. The camping mat rolls up tightly and the remaining heating stove and tubing pack up into another small case. Altogether, the Euro Blackcan system weighs only 6.4 pounds. That may not be ideal for extending hiking trips, but there should be little issue for a weekend camping trip.

The Euro Blackcan heated sleeping pad is available now on Amazon for $390. Say goodbye to sleeping in a dozen layers just to keep warm.

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