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Pacsafe dives headfirst into 2018 with its Dry collection

With the new year fast approaching, warmer weather is not too far behind. Warm weather means it’s time to crawl out of the bedroom and into the outdoors for hiking, camping, and other adventures. Just in time for the next adventure, Pacsafe is introducing their first water-resistant collection.

Coming February 2018, the Dry series was designed to prevent belongings from wet conditions or theft. These bags combine Pacsafe’s anti-theft technology with water-resistant material, bringing security to any amphibious outing.

Depending on the excursion, there are four different styles to choose from. Starting small, the 4-liter Stash Bag ($60) can be used on its own, or clipped onto larger bags for additional storage. The next sizes up are a 15-liter Portable Safe ($200) that can be used as a backpack, as well as a 25-liter Backpack ($160). A 36-liter Beach Bag ($190) is also available for those big family days on the water. No matter the style, the Dry series is available in Charcoal, Sand, and Orange.

To prevent theft by common pickpockets, these Pacsafe bags feature interlocking zip pullers and a Roobar Deluxe locking system. This system secures each zipper on a single lockdown point, making it difficult for unwanted bag access.

Rather than fussing with a zipper, though, some thieves might just cut a strap, grab a bag, and run, so each bag in the Dry series comes with wire-reinforced, Carrysafe slash-guard straps.

For an extra layer of security, the 15L Portable Safe comes with a 360-degree eXomesh locking system. This acts like chainmail for the bag, locking at the top to keep the valuables safe. Sometimes theft can also occur without even opening a bag. Pacsafe protects against identity theft and keeps credit cards safe with an RFID-blocking pocket.

In order for the Dry series to live up to its name, Pacsafe constructed the bags using high-frequency heat welding with sealed seams and water-repellent zippers. These bags aren’t built to live underwater, but they will keep items dry from heavy rain and splashes. The 15L Portable Safe endured three minutes with a high-powered jet spray to earn an IPX6 rating. When wet clothes need to be packed alongside dry ones, the 25L Backpack and 36L Beach Bag feature wet-dry pockets to keep them separate.

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