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steeped coffee single serve kickstarter t

Steeped Coffee lets you make your morning java in a quick, compostable way

Just as with tea, brewing a fresh cup of coffee is as easy as dunking a Steeped Coffee bag into a cup of hot water.
Mario throwing Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey.

Never trust a hat with eyes: ‘Odyssey’ glitch lets Cappy kill Mario

Cappy turned out to be equal parts adorable and helpful in Super Mario Odyssey. Was this all a ploy to lower Mario's defenses?
valeto transformable high chair suitcase highchair 1

Suitcase that transforms into a high chair makes traveling with baby a breeze

Babies can be difficult to travel with. Valeto combines a carry-on suitcase with a high chair for the ultimate travel companion for parents.
slater wave pool

Surf’s up! New information reveals the science behind Kelly Slater’s wave pool

While the execution of Kelly Slater's wave pool appears simple, new information reveals a surprising amount of science behind it.
lowes smart home store b8ta powered by in aisle

Lowe’s seeks to educate customers about smart home products with new mini stores

Lowe's has teamed up with software-powered retailer b8ta to open smaller smart home stores inside 70 Lowe's locations nationwide.
gobag vacuum compressible carry on backpack 1

Battle baggage fees and rule the overhead bin with this compressible carry-on

GoBag fuses together compressible dry-bag technology with a modular travel bag design to create the perfect carry-on.
wolfenstein II

‘Wolfenstein II’ unlocks the vault, adds new game modes in update

According to the official 1.02 patch notes, the vault in Wolfenstein II's main menu and between-mission hub area is now unlocked.
vr gaming guinness world record

YouTuber sets Guinness World Record for longest amount of time gaming in VR

Australian YouTuber Jack McNee earned a world record by saying goodbye to real life and spending more than a day in virtual reality,
atrox snake barrier kickstarter

Snakes got you down? The Atrox Snake Barrier keeps them out for good

For peace of mind without waging war, the Atrox Snake Barrier system will keep them out with minimal effort.
campanda rv camper rental 1

Looking for a road trip? Campanda is the Airbnb for RVs and campers

Whether people have invested in a camper or are looking for a weekend getaway, Campanda has found a way for both to save some money.
Media Molecule's Dreams

Don’t lose sleep over it — Media Molecule says ‘Dreams’ still in development

Despite missing this year's E3 and Sony's Paris Games Week presentation, developer Media Molecule says that its game is very much alive.
nintendo switch handheld vs docked lifestyle shot 14631

It's official: Nintendo Switch owners prefer handheld to docked use

With the rise of smartphones, many wondered if people would take the Nintendo Switch out of the dock. It turns out, people prefer it.

Aloy from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ joins ‘Monster Hunter World’ as exclusive DLC

With the Aloy armor set in Monster Hunter World, any player will look like Aloy from head to toe, including the facial likeness.
Switch cross-play

‘Rocket League’ jets its way onto the Nintendo Switch this November

Special to the Switch version of Rocket League are exclusive Battle-Cars and customization items as special unlockables.
cancelled visceral star wars ragtag details

New details emerge on Visceral’s canceled Star Wars project ‘Ragtag’

A new report about the canceled Star Wars project Ragtag dives into the vision that Amy Hennig and Visceral Games attempted to create.

No time to cook healthy, delicious meals for the young ones? Give Yumble a try

With Yumble, parents can easily put fun, delicious, super-healthy meals on the dinner table or in a lunch box.

Latest Nintendo Switch update adds support for GameCube controllers

By holding down the Capture Button during gameplay, the Nintendo Switch can record up to 30 previous seconds and save it to the Album.
bsh home appliances dishwashers recall expanded bosch myway rack dishwasher

Recall of more than 663,000 dishwashers for fire risk includes Bosch, Thermador

BSH has now recalled 663,000 dishwashers across the United States and Canada. Owners are encouraged to check their model and serial numbers.
10 game franchises that might work in vr l a  noire

The uncanny valley effect is strong with 'L.A. Noire' in 4K Ultra HD

In just a few weeks, L.A. Noire returns with refined visuals, improved camera angles, and more on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
nintendo mobile games seeking partnerships animal crossing pocket camp thumb

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp brings Nintendo’s life sim to mobile devices

As the next Nintendo franchise to receive the mobile treatment, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the closest yet to the mainline entries.
wink lookout home security t

Going on vacation? Wink Lookout gives homeowners peace of mind

The Wink Lookout system offers a free-to-use mobile dashboard and three new products for a flexible way to connect their homes.
super turrican directors cut director s

Each Super NT console comes with unreleased director's cut of 'Super Turrican'

Each Super NT console will include an unreleased copy of Super Turrican: Director's Cut and the sequel built right in.
razer siren x mic kiyo webcam and 1

New Razer Kiyo webcam and Seiren X mic target budding streamers

The Razer Kiyo desktop camera features an adjustable ring light while the Seiren X will prevent background noise from coming through.
speedgrip socks kickstarter 1

SpeedGrip Socks create better traction for improved speed and control

Rather than being knit like traditional athletic socks, SpeedGrip Socks use moisture-wicking compression fabrics that are sewn together.
hori mini wired gamepad ps4 t

For children with tiny hands, PlayStation has created the Mini Wired Gamepad

The Mini Wired Gamepad is 40 percent smaller than the original DualShock 4 design and comes in a simpler form factor.
garmin speak t

Garmin Speak combines turn-by-turn navigation with Amazon’s voice assistant

Garmin Speak features a bright OLED display that shows guidance arrows while turn-by-turn direction stream through the vehicle's stereo.
resident evil 7

Two pieces of ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC are coming out this December

Both Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition and the two remaining pieces of DLC release just in time for the holidays
heelight smart bulb t

Heelight smart light bulbs listen and react to their environment

Heelight smart bulbs don't need the internet to communicate with an owner. Instead, it listens for digital sound commands coming from an app.
settlers of catan

Sony Pictures working to acquire rights for 'Settlers of Catan' movie

Gail Katz, Dan Lin, and Jonathan Eirich will join as producers for Settlers of Catan. Blaise Hemingway will pen the screenplay.
kwikset obsidian smart lock electronic t

Kwikset goes digital with the Obsidian electronic lock

With a responsive touchscreen, Obsidian is Kwikset's first electronic deadbolt to completely do away with traditional keys.
kody backpack kickstarter t

Keep everything charged out in the wild with the Kody backpack

In these modern times, a backpack can be more than just a bag to hold belongings. The Kody backpack was designed for people on the go.
psychonauts 2

Behold Double Fine’s ‘first playable’ build of ‘Psychonauts 2’

As a "first playable" build, this area showcases the tricky platforming and exploration that is central to Psychonauts 2.
Batman - The Telltale Series (Episode 1)

Did Telltale use a real photo of an assassinated diplomat in Batman Season 2?

During the second episode of the Telltale game, an in-game image is meant to show security footage from a recent break-in at Gotham Brokerage.
the well

Samsung Gear VR gets its killer app with 'The Well' from Turtle Rock Studio

The Well is a turn-based fantasy RPG built specifically for VR. It features a "storybook art style" and a "dark, dreamlike atmosphere."