Suitcase that transforms into a high chair makes traveling with baby a breeze

As cute as they are, babies can be a challenge to travel with. Their diapers alone are enough to warrant their own suitcase. Even just traveling to a family restaurant, public high chairs can be like putting the baby on a used toilet seat. Kamo, a design innovation company, has developed a convenient solution to both issues. Valeto is a transformable, carry-on suitcase that doubles as a high chair.

As a carry-on suitcase, Valeto packs nearly seven gallons worth of storage space. For added convenience, it features removable organizational baskets. Parents can easily organize snacks, bottles, diapers, and toys, while a magnetic backdoor allows quick access on the go. With all these items, Valeto can get heavy. Instead of trying to carry it on a shoulder like a typical diaper bag, Valeto glides around on carpet or grass thanks to its 360-degree hubless wheels. Once on the plane, it’s just the right size for any overhead compartment.

Traveling always means going out to eat, but babies can make that tricky. On a busy night, high chairs can be in high demand. Even if they aren’t, public high chairs can be laden with bacteria. With Valeto, the suitcase transforms into a quality high chair within five seconds. Switching starts with lifting up the handles and top cover to act as a chair back. Pushing up the built-in arrests automatically expand four legs for added stability. By clicking in the dining tray onto the armrests and using the secure seat belts, the high chair is ready for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.

For the concept to work, Valeto needs parents’ trust. The aluminum legs support up to 120 pounds, making it sturdy enough for any child. Industrial grade sliding rails also make for a smooth transformation. For those inevitable messes, two disposable wet wipe holders allow for easy cleanup.

“By creating a high-quality, all-in-one device, we believe we can encourage families to go places and do things they might not have otherwise done,” says Kamo founder Tony Chen. “Valeto truly personifies Kamo’s mission to make the world a better place one family at a time.

Valeto launches this Cyber Monday, November 27, for the discounted price of $250. Kamo’s estimated ship date is May 2018.

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