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Battle baggage fees and rule the overhead bin with this compressible carry-on

When it comes to flying, no one likes baggage fees. If there is a way to fit impossibly large luggage in the overhead compartment, people will find a way. Instead of fighting for bin space, GoBag is a vacuum-compressible carry-on backpack.  It was designed from the ground up to be the perfect bag for plane travel.

GoBag fuses together dry-bag technology with traditional travel bag design. It uses a modular system of velcro compartments to evolve for each trip’s needs. Running out of space? The built-in vacuum compression bag sucks all the air out of soft items such as clothing and towels. This leaves plenty of space for anything else.

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Aside from saving space, the compressible dry bag is made from a thermoplastic polyurethane coated nylon with welded seams. It can be compressed by hand or with a vacuum using the check valve. If the compression bag isn’t necessary, it can be fully removed. The rest of the bag was also designed with travel in mind. Its carry-on size ensures it will always fit in the overhead bin, no matter how stuffed it gets. This means no checking bags, no waiting for or losing luggage, and no more paying baggage fees.

But saving space doesn’t go a long way if the bag itself isn’t built to last. For standard wear and tear, the nylon fabric is coated with a weather-resistant substance. Areas of maximum wear, such as the base, are layered with an extra layer of Hypalon rubber.

For added convenience going through security, the GoBad features a full edge zipper that runs along the outer edge of the front and side panels. This extra long zipper allows for six easy ways to open the bag. Users can easily get to the items they want without digging through everything. A secret pocket even makes a great place for holding passports, tickets, and other valuables. A 15-inch laptop pocket and a removable wash bag also allow users to get to their flights more quickly.

The GoBag is available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at about $160. With the funding goal already met more than a month before the campaign ends, backers can expect their delivery in December.