No time to cook healthy, delicious meals for the young ones? Give Yumble a try

From Blue Apron to Sun Basket, prepared-meal services are increasing in popularity. They save time and allow people to try some new food without purchasing extra ingredients they might not use again. This growing trend has mostly targeted a more adult demographic. Now, with parents looking for new ways to feed their kids in mind, Yumble offers healthy prepared meals for children.

Hello Fresh co-founder Dan Treiman has teamed up with Joanna and David Parker to launch the new meal service. With Yumble, parents can easily put fun, delicious, super-healthy meals on the dinner table or in a lunch box. Some of the signature dishes include Smac N’ Cheese, Chicken Pops, and Protein Poppers. The Smac N’ Cheese comes with whole grain macaroni mixed with butternut squash and baked into the shape of cupcakes. Chicken Pops take chicken nuggets and give them a healthy twist. Baked on lollipop sticks, they come with a variety of dipping sauces. For a snack, the Protein Poppers are made with sunflower butter, oats, chocolate chips, and honey.

On top of meals, each delivery comes with various activities and collectibles to make mealtime more fun for kids. It’s no wonder that the company describes itself as a “Happy Meal made with Whole Foods.”

“Our mission at Yumble is to make eating healthy foods easy and fun for picky kids,” says Joanna Parker. “As a busy mom, I struggled daily to find the time to design, shop for, cook, and clean up from meals that were healthy and that my kids would actually want to eat.”

Yumble humbly began through a word-of-mouth beta in New York City under the name Panda Plates. Since then, the company has expanded from the East Coast to 26 states. The plan is to head to the West Coast within the first half of 2018.

Current competition includes Scrumpt, another prepared lunch service for kids. It is only available in the San Francisco Bay area and offers much more traditional lunches.

Due to its smaller, kid-sized portion sizes, Yumble is much cheaper than it adult counterparts. There are 22 available options per week, with subscriptions costing as little as $6.99 per meal.