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Keep everything charged out in the wild with the Kody backpack

In these modern times, a backpack can be more than just a bag to hold belongings. The Kody backpack was designed specifically for people on the go. It features a USB port, wireless Bluetooth speaker, laptop storage, and more.

“I was a graduate student, I hike and am now an executive. I travel a lot,”  creator Bob Gruder said in a statement. “I was tired of settling on backpacks that were all essentially the same, and with nothing really that innovative.”

For daily use, the Kody backpack offers a wide range of features. Insulated pockets keep up to 16 ounces of iced water cold and morning coffee hot. The neoprene laptop carrying case and padded sleeve can hold up to an 18-inch laptop.  For added security, a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-protected pocket will help keep scannable credit cards safe.

When the rain comes out, this backpack features more than a few methods to keep the water out. For small trips through the rain, the water-resistant fabric will help protect anything inside. Longer walks through heavy rain require a bit more protection. Using an included waterproof tarp, the Kody backpack remains dry through the wettest conditions.

In order to keep important electronics charged, Kody features a USB port and a 5,000 milliamp hour power bank. This should fully charge up a modern smartphone at least twice.

As if that wasn’t enough, other amenities make the Kody backpack useful in more situations. A portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is great for music on the go. A bonus flashlight and spork are two things that are surprisingly useful for those special circumstances. For anyone who already owns a hydration pack, a convenient port allows the tube to easily poke through the bag.

The Kody backpack is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $129. The campaign has already been funded with almost a month left, so backers should expect the backpacks to arrive this December. The bag itself is available in either black or gray. For an additional $30, backers can improve the backpack’s versatility with an external solar panel. Perfect for those outdoor adventures, this six-watt panel will keep phones charged as long as the sun is out.

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