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The Ghostek NRGcamper may be the most high-tech backpack ever

Keeping our electronic devices powered up while traveling in the backcountry can often be a challenge. After all, when setting out on a backpacking excursion these days it is not unusual to carry not only a mobile phone or tablet, but also headlamps, digital cameras, GPS devices, and a number of other gadgets powered by rechargeable batteries. But a company called Ghostek believes that it has come up with a solution to this problem in the form of a new backpack that includes some high tech features designed to keep our important devices working even when traveling off the grid.

The NRGcamper recently launched on Kickstarter and comes armed with some unique features you won’t find on most other backpacks. For instance, the bag is equipped with an 11-watt solar panel that is paired with a 16,000Ah USB battery pack, which work in conjunction with one another to collect and store energy from the sun. The battery integrates into the pack itself, providing power not only from built-in USB ports, but external ports found throughout the NRGcamper as well. This allows someone wearing the pack to plug-in and recharge a device while on the go, all without ever having to take it off.

Ghostek NRGcamper

The 60-liter NRGcamper includes plenty of traditional features as well. The backpack includes a built-in rain cover, for example, and it has an easily adjustable suspension system that can adapt to hikers of varying heights. The bag is compatible with most third-party hydration bladders on the market and it has plenty of padding in its hip belt and shoulder straps too. It even features a safety whistle built into its chest buckle.

Fully equipped, the NRGcamper weighs in at an eye-popping 7 pounds even before it is filled it with outdoor gear. That is quite heavy when compared to other backpacks of this size. Fortunately, both the solar panel and battery pack are removable, bringing the weight down to a more manageable 3 pounds. Of course, those are probably two items that many backpackers are going to take with them anyway, so actually having them integrated into the pack may be worth a bit of extra weight.

Ghostek is hoping to raise $15,000 through its crowdfunding campaign to get the NRGcamper into production. If successful, the company plans to begin shipping the backpack by November of this year, when it will retail for $250. Early bird supporters can reserve one now for as little as $160 however, with the solar panel, power pack, and cables included.

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