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Going on vacation? Wink Lookout gives homeowners peace of mind

When you’re away from home, having a smart security system can put you at ease. Wink, a manufacturer of smart home products, has unveiled its latest service to make home monitoring holistic and intuitive. With Wink Lookout, families gain an all-in-one home safety system.

Many other security services come with high prices, monthly fees, or hidden contracts. The Wink Lookout system offers a free-to-use mobile dashboard and three new products for a flexible way to connect their homes. Each of the new Z-Wave-enabled products can be purchased together or separately depending on what is needed.

Starting small, the Wink Lookout smart security products include window and door sensors. These can be easily attached to existing frames around the home. Once in place, users can be alerted via the Wink mobile app whenever a door or window is opened. For more insight into what is happening inside the home, motion sensors can detect a wide range of motion. For pet owners, the sensitivity can be adjusted to make them invisible to the sensors.

Alerting users of a possible break-in is one thing, but stopping it entirely is another. The Wink siren and chime work in tandem with the sensors around the home. When activated, an alarm will sound and lights flash to ward off intruders and alert homeowners and neighbors. Chimes can be customized with ten different sounds, three different volumes, and can be tied to specific events such as opening the garage door or cracking a window.

For easy connection, the Wink Hub 2 comes preconnected to other Wink devices straight out of the box. In a matter of minutes, users can use the hub to bring hundreds of products from dozens of brands together. Existing Wink users will be happy to know that Lookout works with dozens of other Wink-compatible alarms, locks, cameras, doorbells, and more.

Just in time for Halloween, Wink Lookout as a whole launches at $199 on October 31. Those just looking to get their toes wet can start off with the Door and Window Sensor for $29, the Siren and Chime for $39, or the Motion Sensor for $39.

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