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No need to get down and dirty cleaning your toilet with Shine Bathroom Assistant

There’s probably no chore that is more disgusting than cleaning the toilet. If you hate polishing the porcelain throne, then there’s good news. Shine Bathroom Assistant, the automated toilet cleaning and maintenance bot, is now a thing. The assistant has sensors that attach to your toilet’s water line and a squirter that attaches to the toilet bowl in just a few seconds. From there, the device can clean the bowl when it’s dirty or tell you how to fix any toilet malfunctions that may arise.


“Shine leverages automation to create a bathroom experience that anticipates our needs, conforms to our wants, and delivers the care we deserve,” says the company on their Indiegogo campaign page. “Allowing us to break free from worrying about serving a room that should be serving us as we focus on what lies ahead.”

Shine cleans the bowl without cleansers. It only uses electrolyzed water that is created in the device’s basin that sits on top of the toilet tank. The makers of Shine claim that the electrolyzed water is as powerful as bleach. Research has shown that this type of water is a powerful disinfectant. This process is safer than bleach, though. When the cleaning is done, the water turns into a harmless saline solution.

If your toilet is having problems, like a clog, a leak, or taking too long to fill the tank, Shine’s A.I., called Sam, will send the problem and the solution to your phone in real-time. Sam even estimates how much it will cost to fix the problem. Don’t know how to fix your toilet, even with this information? Shine has free video support and will send you repair kits to help you get the job done.

In addition to Shine’s app, you can also control the cleaning of your toilet or check on how well it’s running using voice commands. All you need is an Alexa-enabled device.

The Shine toilet bot is doing well on its Indiegogo campaign and is in the prototype phase. As of this writing, Shine has reached 1,224% of its $20,000 goal. The estimated shipping date of the Shine units purchased through the campaign is February 2020.

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