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Turn your bedroom into a living room and a study with Ori smart systems

Ori - One Room. A Hundred Ways.
As our population continues to grow, many of us find ourselves occupying increasingly cramped living quarters. After all, how many people really have acres of land to call their own these days? Certainly not those who will appreciate Ori, a new company that promises to transform urban living by creating “elegant and effortless robotic solutions for small, modern living spaces.”

Now available for pre-order to real estate developers are the Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems. This marks the first commercial launch of the company’s products, which all combine robotics, architecture, and design to make the most out of minuscule spaces. That means that if you’re living in a studio apartment (or a glorified closet), you can transform one of Ori’s full or queen-sized bedrooms into a living room that features a walk-in closet or even a functional office. Moreover, Ori systems can interface with smart home systems so that the entirety of your home is connected and decidedly 21st century.

“The Ori Full and Ori Queen Systems will transform the experience of contemporary urban living. Ori Technology animates the furniture, walls and other parts of the living space in ways that maximize space, comfort, and living,” said Ori CEO and Founder Hasier Larrea. “However, Ori’s vision is much broader. This first family of systems is just one of many applications of Ori Technology. We will continue to explore more spatial challenges and create new families of Ori systems for a variety of interior settings. ”

With nothing but a tap of your finger in the smartphone app or the tap of a button on the interface, you can place your Ori system in bed mode, which will slide your full or queen sized bed from its hiding space. When you’re throwing a party (yes, you can do that even in a small space), have Ori enter Lounge Mode, which will tuck your bed away and create an open living area for merry-making. And when you’re getting dressed in the morning, have Ori go into Wardrobe Mode, which will give you ready access to all your clothes.

In essence, Ori works to carefully construct a strategic division of space, creating a dynamic living environment that can adjust to your needs.

So if you feel like you’re living in a shoe box, at the very least, make it a functional shoe box with Ori.

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