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The H2Know smart water meter costs $65, but could save you up to $250

H2know: Avoid Water Disaster for Pennies a Day
There’s a new smart water meter in town that just about pays for itself. Meet the H2Know, a new water (and money) saving solution from Conservation Labs that will set you back $65, but claims to save you about $250 every year thereafter in water-related expenses.

Easy to install and non-invasive, the H2Know has already collected a slew of industry accolades, including a CES 2018 Eureka Park Climate Change Innovator award. The goal of the smart water meter is to help homeowners discover problem areas and leaks before they become real headaches, helping to prevent mold and related health issues. To install the system, simply attach the palm-sized device to your main water line by literally placing it atop your pipes, and then begin monitoring using the companion app.

H2Know takes measurements from your water line constantly, and using its machine learning technology, turns that steady stream of data into water flow estimates and insights. In fact, using the smart meter, you can record the gallons of water and number of uses for each of your household’s major water appliances. This information is then recorded and processed, then sent to your smartphone app so you can check out reports, find leaks, and learn more about how to conserve water and save on expenses.

“Conservation Labs was founded not only to save consumers money, but also give them peace of mind from costly, damaging leaks,” said Mark Kovscek, founder and CEO of Conservation Labs. “H2Know is more than just a water meter — our team of data scientists and engineers built a machine learning approach to give consumers actionable insights to save money. Many consumers don’t realize all the money they are losing that is literally going down their drain and that as many as one in 50 homes will have significant plumbing problems this year.”

But with the H2Know, your household doesn’t have to be part of that statistic. The companion app is free, although folks who choose to pay an additional $3 a month have access to a bit more data, including hourly water usage, leak location identification based on appliance, and custom conservation tips. You can back the H2Know on Indiegogo now, with delivery slated for December 2018.

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