Coway’s Aquamega water-filtration tech gives you an alternative to bottled water


You don’t have to buy bottled water in order to drink purified H2O. Thanks to a new suite of water purification solutions from Korean company Coway, you can treat yourself to the crisp, fresh elixir of life without sacrificing the planet in the process. Meet the Coway Aquamega 100 and Coway Aquamega 200, both of which will give customers instant access to clean drinking water at a relatively affordable price.

Already available on Amazon, the Coway Aquamega 100 leverages a three-stage filtration system to provide great-tasting water in customers’ homes. By making use of WQater Quality Association-qualified water-filtration technology, the Conway Aquamega 100 purports to remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and impurities, including cyst, lead, chlorine, and chloramine.

And don’t worry — you won’t have to call the plumber in order to install the new filtration system on your faucet. The sleek and cordless design can be easily connected to just about any system and promises to be ready to use in a matter of minutes. And because it doesn’t attach to your actual faucet, it’s less of an eyesore. So the next time you’re parched, don’t grab that plastic bottle — just grab a glass and fill up from this clever sink-connected device. The Coway Aquamega 100 is available for order for $249.

Then there’s the Coway Aquamega 200, the premium alternative to the 100 model. This system promises “the cleanest water with its dual-filtration system.” Rather than the three-stage filtration system used by its sibling, the Aquamega 200 uses a two-step filtration pathway to remove an even greater proportion of contaminants from water. We have to say that it’s not clear why a two-step system would actually be more effective than a three-step system, but hey — nomenclature can be tough.

Aside from its filtering tactics, the Aquamega 200 sets itself apart from other models thanks to its smart capabilities. You can connect and control the filter using an app, which will let you know when you need to replace your filter. The Aquamega 200 also offers three different temperatures for your water — ambient, cold, and hot. And with one-touch water dispensing, you won’t have to fiddle with a faucet. In fact, all aspects of this particular water faucet are controlled by touch.

The Coway Aquamega 200 will be made available in early 2018 for $599.

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