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Once you put them on, you may never want to take Suavs shoes off

Kicking off your shoes is generally the first step in total relaxation, but that may not be the case when your shoes are from Suavs. The sneaker brand based in Austin, Texas, has managed to design a shoe that you won’t want to take off (though you probably should by the time you’re headed to bed). Born out of the crazy notion that shoes should be comfortable and stylish, the Suavs team took more than a year to research, design, and prototype their shoes before making it to market. But now that they have, it would appear that customers just can’t get enough of these easy, breezy shoes.

With their clean and minimal aesthetic and commitment to using materials that claims to be soft and safe for your feet, Suavs shoes aim to be the “epitome of modern, stylish comfort,” the brand notes on its website. Since 2015, folks have been raving about the Suavs slip-on, the unisex shoe made of a breathable mesh and microfiber terry insole. But now, three years later, Suavs has (as promised) expanded its lineup, offering not only the classic slip-on shoe, but now a new sneaker as well. Called the Zilker, the latest addition to the Suavs collection maintains the brand’s commitment to comfort over just about everything else. The shoe (like its older sibling) comes with microfiber terry insocks, which promise to provide elasticity, air venting, and moisture wicking. That’s right — this is one pair of shoes you don’t have to wear socks with. Plus, Suavs assures customers that its shoes are specifically designed to prevent blistering.

The Zilker, like the slip-on Barton, is made of eco-friendly materials. All of the company’s fabrics are tested for any stray chemicals that may be dangerous to either you or the planet. And while the fabrication of the shoe is made with Mother Earth in mind, so too is the entirety of the shoe. At the heart of Suavs’ commitment to comfort is the notion that a single pair of shoes that can be worn practically in any occasion with any outfit should reduce the total number of shoes in your wardrobe. After all, why buy 10 pairs when you only need one for travel, work, or a night on the town?

Traveling with either the Zilker or the Barton promises to be a breeze, as the flexible, low-density, rubber soles not only bend with your feet’s movement but also into any shape you want. So if you need to throw these shoes into your suitcase, they take up minimal space.

Suavs offers both men’s and women’s styles and sizes (though the shoes themselves are unisex). You can now grab a pair of Bartons for just $40, while the Zilker will set you back $95.

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