The MyLiFi smart lamp provides speed-of-light internet

Complaining about slow Wi-Fi speeds is so 2017. At CES 2018, Oledcomm debuted what it claims is the first Li-Fi-connected object in the world. It’s called MyLiFi, and it offers wireless, radio wave-free internet at the speed of light, and all from an attractive LED lamp. Promising to revolutionize internet access and provide “controlled access to families, unprecedented confidentiality to professionals, a lag-free gaming experience, and radio wave-free internet to all,” this is one lamp that hopes to light up your life in more ways than one. Plus, you can control this light source with your voice, regardless of whether you speak French or English.

Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, is a new technology that connects mobile devices and other internet-enabled objects by way of LED lights. Li-Fi transmits data by modulating light signals emitted by an LED light bulb — in essence, providing the internet through light. Said to be far faster than traditional Wi-Fi, Li-Fi has no need for radio or electromagnetic waves and claims to be supremely secure due to its imperceptible signal.

“Just as clean energies are displacing fossil fuels and propelling us towards a world of responsible innovation, light is now replacing radio waves to provide a safe, a people- and eco-friendly internet connection,” said Benjamin Azoulay, CEO of Oledcomm. “MyLiFi marks the start of a new era in connectivity.”

Oledcomm MyLiFi

While Li-Fi has apparently been around since 2005, it’s never been made widely available to the public. Instead, Li-Fi has been mainly applied in the public realm, helping blind people navigate transportation systems, transmitting medical information in hospitals, and even measuring wait times in supermarkets. But now, MyLiFi is bringing the technology to the home.

The LED light is designed to be flexible, and its LED light beam can be pointed in any direction. The color temperature ranges from cold white to warm orange, and its brightness can be adjusted. The sleek and modern design hopes to blend in with any home decor, which is to say that MyLiFi ought to combine form and function.