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Nobi smart lamp senses movement to discern when older people are in distress

Having to move into or admit a loved one into an assisted living facility is a wrenching decision. Medically focused technology has always been a major presence at CES and this year is no different. The Nobi Smart Lamp offers one way of keeping tabs on older loved ones to make sure they’re not in any sort of distress.

The Nobi Smart Lamp utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor those living alone and can automatically detect when someone falls. According to Nobi, one in three people over 65 fall at least once per year, often resulting in serious injuries. If the person cannot get up, the results can be catastrophic.

Devices like Life Alert and other solutions have been present in the market for years, but the more safeguards that are in place, the safer the senior citizen population will be. Nobi claims that as many as 95% of elderly people living alone have safety devices, but they are not used in 80% of falls for a variety of reasons.

The Nobi Smart Lamp allows older people to maintain their independence for longer. It provides smart lighting and 24/7 monitoring of falls, and also has a host of other features.

The Nobi Smart Lamp can also detect fire within the home, monitor air quality, detect burglary, and recognize patterns in a resident’s living patterns. The A.I. recognition is performed on-device without being sent to the cloud, ensuring a higher level of consumer data privacy. The resident of the home determines whether or not to share images, as well as who has access to the data and alerts.

Installation is also simple. Just replace the ceiling light with the Nobi (or its cousin, the Nobita, a version of the Nobi for smaller rooms and bathrooms.) No batteries are needed, and the light monitors at all hours of the day.

The Nobi Smart Light is predicted to be available by the end of 2021 with a starting price of $2,490, that’s if smart lights are purchased for every room. Yes, it’s a costly investment if you pursue this option, especially when you factor in the $19-per-month subscription service that’s also required. If that’s too expensive, there is a rental option for the lights and service that starts at $120 per month.

More technology than ever before is focused on providing the older population with independence. Between devices like the Nobi Smart Light and Amazon’s Care Hub, technology can let you keep an eye on senior family members, even from across the country.

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