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Got poop? Toto’s Wellness Toilet promises health advice based on poop analysis

Poop is often forgotten the moment it is flushed down the toilet, but Toto intends on making you more informed about your stools with a neat concept device that is being planned for the consumer market in the next several years. At CES 2021, Toto announced a slew of new touchless bathroom technology to help keep your home cleaner and more hygienic — along with the health-analyzing Wellness Toilet concept that will analyze your poop.

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That was arguably the most intriguing prospect from its announcement, which is a concept product that will scan a user’s body and waste to provide recommendations to improve their health. The analysis will be obtained with the help of sensors and other sensing technologies to deliver results and feedback that can be monitored through an app, so users can then make daily changes to their dietary habits and watch change happen in real-time.

Perhaps you’re not eating enough food high in fiber? It would be able to determine this based on your fecal matter. While there aren’t additional details on its analyzing tech, it’ll be interesting to see what comes to fruition because health information like this is always valuable. The Wellness Toilet is expected to be available on the consumer market in the next several years, but a specific time frame is not yet available.

Toto has introduced touchless ECOPOWER smart sensor flush valves for toilets and urinals that enable users to flush with a wave of the hand. These devices reduce the amount of energy used to flush the toilet, generating the same amount of energy as required to activate the device with each flush.

Toto also makes touchless faucets powered by the same technology. There is no daily minimum usage requirement, so there’s no worry that the energy will run out if the faucet isn’t used often enough.

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Another standout technology from Toto is the Washlet. This is a bidet that draws water directly from the home’s fresh water supply, ensuring users only ever use the cleanest water available to them. Once the bidet is used, the Washlet activates a gentle drying effect that further reduces the need for toilet paper and further eliminates environmental impact.

The Washlet+ is Toto’s latest innovation and connects a Toto toilet with a Washlet+ unit to keep the toilet bowl clean at all times. This constant cleaning cycle reduces bacterial growth and keeps odor to a minimum. There are four different technologies in play with the Washlet+. It uses a pre-mist that sprays the bowl’s interior to reduce cling from matter, mold, and mildew, while a glazed layer seals the porcelain to further reduce bacteria’s ability to grow. After this, the Tornado Flush System optimizes water use while still ensuring that every surface within the bowl and rim are washed, all while maintaining a quiet flush. Finally, electrolyzed water is used for one final clean and disinfecting cycle.

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