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Wagz Tagz give pups freedom while keeping them off furniture

There are all kinds of solutions for keeping dogs off the furniture, out of the cat’s litter box, and away from the garbage, but today at CES 2022, a new option was revealed that doesn’t require baby gates, barriers, covers, or locks.

Wagz gave media the first look at the Wagz Tagz accessory, a new and smart way to let your dog know where it shouldn’t be — even if you’re not home. Paired with the Freedom Smart Dog Collar (announced last year, and selling for $249), it’s a no-harm way to correct your dog, while still letting it have some freedom around your home or in the yard.

Wagz Tagz help keep pets off the furniture.

Wagz Tagz works like an invisible barrier. Just clip the Freedom Smart Dog Collar on your pup, then place the tag under a sofa cushion, next to the garbage, or wherever you’d rather your pet not venture. When the collar’s circle of reference meets the tag’s circle, it triggers a humane, shock-free correction whenever your pet enters (or jumps on) an area designated as off limits or unsafe. Correction options include vibrations, audible cues, and ultrasonic sounds (individually or in combination). At the same time, you get a notice on your phone that your dog has attempted to misbehave.

This idea (like some of the newest pet tech including a smart pet feeder) could be a real game changer. As a pet parent who’s four-legged friend just turned the gas on the stove accidentally the other day while attempting to get at a dish, getting notifications when my pup has been inclined to do something unwanted (or downright dangerous, albeit unwittingly) would mean I can use one of my indoor security cameras to take a quick look or listen for trouble. I’d be interested to see if the corrections do indeed have the desired effects.

A dog sports the Freedom Smart Dog Collar.

Wagz says the setup is simple and works for both Android and iOS devices. You can set the boundaries from 3 feet up to 15 feet and manage multiple dogs by getting them each a Freedom Collar.

Wagz Tagz will be available for purchase beginning in March 2022. No pricing info was released for the tags just yet.

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