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The past year has been focused on health, and CES 2021 has seen a lot of different products that eliminate the need to touch a surface. The new Touchless Video Doorbell is a prime example of this. Take a moment and consider how useful video doorbells are: You can see and communicate with any visitor at your door without coming face-to-face, but it poses another problem. Everyone who arrives presses the doorbell or stands close to it, potentially furthering the spread of bacteria.

Germs and bacteria most commonly spread through touch. Someone ringing your doorbell or touching the knob risks picking up germs left by previous visitors. The easiest way to avoid spread is to not touch the doorbell at all.

The Touchless Video Doorbell uses a doormat placed a safe distance away. Visitors stand on the doormat to activate the doorbell and alert the homeowner that someone has arrived. The doorbell uses person detection rather than motion detection to alert the homeowner and then begins recording. It streams live HD video and has two-way audio to enable you to chat with visitors without ever answering the door. The Person Detection feature means the doorbell isn’t triggered by passing cars, by an animal in the yard, or other false alarms that plague so many modern doorbells.

The doorbell also has impressive specifications, featuring a 150-degree field of view, full HDR video and night vision, and an onboard heater for proper operation within low temperature. Saved video clips are stored on the servers.

The 150-degree field of view ensures you can see a visitor from head to toe, as well as any packages that might be delivered to your home. With porch piracy on the rise, it’s not enough to see who is at your door–you need to see what they are bringing with them, too.

By eliminating the need for visitors to walk all the way to the front door to ring the doorbell, the Alarm Touchless Video Doorbell guarantees proper social distancing while still providing all the security benefits of a smart video doorbell.

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