Here are the best video doorbells to help you know who’s at the door

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When it comes to knowing who’s at your door before you actually open it, there’s nothing better than a video doorbell. After all, peepholes can get smudged, wet, and physically blocked, which means you may not know who’s knocking at the door, whether it’s be a salesperson, your neighbor, the pizza delivery guy, or a total stranger. A video doorbell eliminates these possibilities, helping you feel more secure in your home. We’ve done the research and rounded up the best video doorbells on the market right now.

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($169)

With this doorbell, you’ll be able to see, hear, and speak to anyone on your doorstep, even if you’re not at home. Simply open up your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and you can interact in real-time (and in 1080 HD video) with the mailman, your spouse, or anyone else who’s ringing your doorbell. You’ll also get instant notifications on your devices when visitors press the doorbell or trigger its motion sensors. You can connect up to ten iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices, so everyone in your family can be plugged in if they want to be. This device also runs entirely on battery power, which means you don’t have to worry about any pesky wires. When the battery is out, simply plug it into a MicroUSB cable. A single charge will last up to three months.

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August Doorbell Cam Pro ($200)

With this video doorbell, you’ll know exactly who’s ringing your doorbell, and you can see and speak to them in full color HD – even if its nighttime – due to the built-in floodlight. With three different brightness levels, you get clear footage no matter what time of day. You can also program the floodlight to turn on when the doorbell detects motion to deter any lurkers who may be roaming the street. Thanks to a feature called Hindsight, the doorbell will start capturing footage even if the visitor doesn’t physically press the doorbell. That way, you’ll know when anyone enters the premises of your home. Got a spouse who frequently forgets the keys? Or maybe a relative is coming to pick up the kids? You can pair the doorbell with any August Smart Lock to remotely let visitors into the house.

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Blink Video Doorbell

Whether you’re at work, traveling the world, or sitting right upstairs, you’ll feel like you’re at home with the Blink Video Doorbell. Thanks to live video and two-way audio, you can see and talk to anyone on your doorstep. The doorbell will also send real-time notifications to your smartphone if the built-in motion sensors detect any lurkers near your premises. The wire-free, weatherproof design ensures this device will stand the test of time, come rain or shine. The doorbell also guarantees a long battery life; in fact, two standard AA lithium batteries should last the doorbell two years. Want to extend that lifetime by using the existing doorbell wiring? You can choose to do that, too, and even keep the existing chime sound if you would like.

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Nest Hello Video Doorbell ($229)

Nest may have started out as a smart thermostat company, but it has since branched off into other areas of smart home. With 24/7 streaming, this Nest doorbell ensures you won’t miss a thing when it comes to the security of your front door. It’s designed to show you a full view of your doorstep, so you’ll see people from head to toe, and you’ll be able to spot packages on the ground. Check in whenever you feel like it, or you can scroll back through a three-hour snapshot history to make sure everything’s a-okay. The doorbell delivers clear video and crisp audio during any time of the day or night, thanks to built-in night-vision capabilities. It offers the same security as the Nest Cam, the company’s home security camera, along with all the functionality of a doorbell.

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Honeywell Skybell Trim ($200)

This Honeywell doorbell is always on, so you can begin a live video stream at any time to monitor your home, even if you’re at a remote location. Two-way audio also helps you hear and speak to visitors using your iPhone or iPad. Even if the doorbell isn’t pressed, the built-in motion sensor will let you know when someone is in front of your door. The doorbell also features a silent mode, which lets you turn off the indoor chime and instead receive notifications on your devices — great for when you’re taking a nap and don’t want to be disturbed. Choose from silver or oil-rubbed bronze depending on what goes best with your home exterior’s color scheme.

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