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Razer’s high-tech face mask filters air and amplifies your voice, Bane-style

Razer is no stranger no making offbeat products, whether it’s the Project Breadmaker toaster or the Respawn energy drink.

But the company envisions Project Hazel entirely differently — this smart mask is a serious attempt to do something positive in the world. Razer announced the project at CES 2021, alongside a number of more conventional product updates and releases.

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But if a company like Razer is going to make a mask, it may as well lean on its strengths, right? Razer calls Project Hazel the “world’s smartest mask,” referring to some of its unique smart features. First off, it has something called Razer Voiceamp technology, which listens to your voice and then intelligently reproduces it through the two speakers.

I, of course, asked if voice modulation would eventually be an option, but the intent is to help break down the social barriers that mask-wearing creates. On that note, the front is also completely transparent, for a full view of your mouth and nose.

Normally, plastic masks don’t create a thorough seal up top, which can be problematic for those who wear glasses. But Razer’s mask includes a silicone grip along the top that creates an “unobtrusive, airtight seal.” Speaking of the seal, Razer says Project Hazel qualifies as a surgical N95 respirator that includes both active ventilation and a self-sterilization function.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The face mask also comes with a nifty case, which both charges it and keeps it clean thanks to the UV sterilization inside.

But a Razer product wouldn’t be complete without Chroma RGB, right? Project Hazel includes rings of RGB lights that can be customized through a mobile app.

Razer sees Project Hazel as an evolution of what it’s already done in the public health space, having donated 1 million masks worldwide and even making face masks in its manufacturing facilities.

No word on pricing or availability was announced. As of now, Project Hazel is just that — a concept. Though it’s not a sellable product just yet, Razer says it’ll be showing off the advanced face masks at its live CES 2021 showcase, based out of its Las Vegas storefront. Razer will be unveiling a number of its new products at the live event, all of which were announced at CES 2021.

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