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In honor of Pokémon Day, there are now apps for both Alexa and Assistant

It may not be Christmas yet, but it sure is Pokémon Day. And some tech companies are celebrating the arrival of the momentous occasion with about as much fanfare as we would expect for St. Nick, especially Amazon and Google. Both companies’ smart assistants now have Pikachu-themed apps available, because is it really a holiday if Alexa and Assistant aren’t involved?

With Pikachu Talk, you can now ask Pikachu anything you would like via either of the company’s A.I.-powered helpers. Pokémon trainers can strike up a lively conversation with Pikachu, telling him about your day, complaining to him about the injustices of the world, and anything in between. Alas, Pikachu won’t exactly provide sound advice — all he’ll be able to say is something along the lines of “Pikaaaaa.” But what more could you really want?

While most Alexa users will be able to access the skill regardless of location, it would appear that only Google Home owners within the United States will be able to take advantage of the Assistant version.

This certainly isn’t the first year that Pokémon Company International has celebrated the holiday, but it is the first time that it’s introduced smart home assistants into the mix. Generally, the gaming company is more keen on using the day to release promotions and branded merchandise, or roll out special edition games. But with the increased ubiquity of Assistant and Alexa, it’s high time that these A.I. helpers got involved.

If you’re not a smart home fanatic, however, don’t panic. Pokémon Company International has thought of you as well. There are three new limited-edition Snapchat lenses with emoji and effects inspired by Pokémon available, too. The first to make its debut features Bulbasaur, while Charmander and Squirtle-inspired lenses will make their debuts in the next few days.

Of course, there’s also a little something for folks who are still playing Pokémon Go (yes, they exist). There will be a Pikachu in a party hat coming out at some point in the near future, and while we doubt you’ll win anything if you spot him, bragging rights must count for something.

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