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The best Alexa skills of 2021

If you own an Alexa device, you probably have an idea of some of the amazing things the assistant can do. You can ask Alexa about the weather, request a song, interact with your favorite smart home equipment, or play some fun trivia games with your smart devices.

Alexa skills are small, free apps you can download to add functionalities to your smart devices. You can install skills to use voice commands to call an Uber, get Alexa to read you a bedtime story, or turn Alexa into a cooking assistant.

As Alexa users ourselves, we’ve compiled some of the best and most useful skills that you can add to your Alexa today. Also, check out Amazon Echo deals going on now if you want to upgrade.

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Alexa is a great kitchen assistant


Alexa comes pre-loaded with the ability to add items to a master grocery list. On its own, being able to quickly shout to Alexa that you just ran out of cayenne pepper as you cook is incredibly handy, but skills like My Chef go several steps further. It pairs with the Chefling app and allows you to track and read recipes, send shopping lists, and track expiration dates. It will even remind you what you have in your pantry while you’re out shopping. If you prepare a lot of meals at home and tend to be forgetful while out shopping, My Chef will save you a lot of frustration. There are also several other great skills for the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Alexa can provide Instant Pot recipes too

Got an Instant Pot? Alexa can instantly pull up Instant Pot recipes for you to try out, and all you have to do is enable a skill. What makes this skill really useful is that there are many different ways in which you can filter through the recipes. Go by cuisine, diet preference, difficulty level, or even ingredients (so you can finally clear out those almost-expired foods in your fridge). You’ll be able to quickly put dinner on the table, and you can effortlessly find new recipes to try out that may become a permanent addition to your home cookbook.

Alexa can help you eat healthier

Keeping track of your calories? Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain a healthy weight, keeping tabs on your calorie intake can be really important. Do that easily with an Alexa skill. With this Track by Nutritionix skill, you can say things like,  “Alexa, tell food tracker to log a glass of milk,” or “Alexa, ask food tracker for my calorie report.” Instead of counting your calories on a notebook that can be easily misplaced or forgotten, you can simultaneously log calories while preparing a meal.

Alexa can find your phone

pixel 2 xl vs razer phone

It’s easy to misplace your phone or have it slip out of your pocket into the depths of the couch. If someone else is home, your first instinct is likely to frantically ask them to call it. With its Where’sMyPhone skill, Alexa can do that for you, so you don’t need to wait for a roommate or spouse to get home.

Alexa can call an Uber or Lyft


If you’re a heavy public transportation user, chances are you’ve found yourself running late and trying to call a ride with one hand while getting dressed with the other. Once you set up this skill on Alexa — the app needs to know the location of your Echo — you can desperately scream for a ride while showering and thinking of what excuse for being late you’re going to tell your boss this time. These are the kinds of things voice-activated systems were made for.



Alexa can keep you updated on your favorite sports teams

Although it’s a default skill, you might not be aware that you can go into your settings via Alexa and customize your sports news. You can add your favorite professional or college teams and get updates on schedules and scores. Go to the Alexa app and select Settings > Sports to get started.

Alexa can read you a short bedtime story

audible free trial

This one is for any parent who gets tired of reading the same bedtime stories over and over. You might not like the idea of a robot reading your child to sleep, but your kid will love it. The app also lets you customize the story to include your child’s name. Each of the stories clocks in at under a minute (and Alexa’s monotone reading voice is no substitute for yours), but it’s worth enabling if you ever need a rest for a night.

If you aren’t really a story type of person, you may be more interested in Alexa skills that can play white noise sounds or play rain sounds to help you drift off.

Alexa can read you customized news briefings

We’re not referring to a specific skill, but rather the ability to customize the news you get every day. By default, asking Alexa for a “flash briefing” runs you through the top news stories from a few handpicked sources. But you can enable everything from The Wall Street Journal to an (unofficial) Reddit app, if you should so desire. The settings page on the Alexa companion app will let you add or remove sources until you have a flash briefing tailored to your liking.

Alexa can play your favorite music

Moto Mod with Amazon Alexan music
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Want to listen to music, but don’t have speakers in the house? Your Alexa-enabled device functions as a music player, and once you register the device to your Amazon account, you’ll be able to play music from your Amazon Music library. Prefer to stream music from a service like Spotify? You can do that, too, and even use the Spotify app on your smartphone as a remote control. Like listening to some gentle, relaxing music while you fall asleep? You can ask Alexa to stop playing music after a certain amount of time, so the music will stop once you’re in la-la land.

Alexa can book you a reservation with OpenTable

Set up a profile and then quickly make a dinner reservation at your favorite spot while keeping your eyes glued to your video games. Like the mobile app of the same name, this skill will let you make, modify, and cancel reservations, and now, you can do this on your Echo Show, too. You can either use your voice or tap the touchscreen of the latest Alexa-enabled smart home hub to ask for a reservation at your favorite restaurant. If the skill is unable to find your exact match, it will provide a list of alternative options. Sadly, it’s not as robust as the full app. There is no search functionality.

Alexa can learn cocktails and help you select a wine

Master Class: 5 cocktails to make to impress anyone

The Bartender skill gives you access to more than 12,000 cocktail recipes. If you’re watching TV and see someone order an unfamiliar cocktail, or if you just don’t know what’s in your favorite mixed drink, the app will rattle off the ingredients for you. You can also reverse-engineer a concoction by telling The Bartender what you’ve got on hand to make a drink with. Another very popular skill with similar capabilities is Mixologist, which makes it particularly easy to search for a particular cocktail or find cocktails with a certain base.

MySomm also lets you know what kind of wines pair best with what you’re having for dinner. If you tend to entertain and have a well-stocked liquor cabinet, you’ll be using this constantly. It’s worth noting that MySomm asks you to activate it by referring to it as “Wine Gal,” which means said company will probably make fun of you.

The Bartender


My Somm

Alexa can call your friend in an emergency

Ask My Buddy is a helpful skill for anyone who might find themselves in a situation where they need help but can’t access their phone. It can call or text a specific contact (or all programmed contacts) quickly and easily in case of an emergency. It does not call 911 or other emergency services, however.

Alexa can let you listen to ‘The Tonight Show’

Even if you don’t watch the show religiously, this app is great for listening to the show’s opening monologue and a few choice bits. If you’re a Jimmy Fallon fan, it’s some nice, light entertainment to listen to while you’re brushing your teeth or cleaning up around the house.

Alexa can help you navigate the NYC Subway

There are a variety of skills for public transportation hubs similar to NYC Subway. Enabling these skills will allow Alexa to rattle off delays along specific lines, so you know just how much time you’ll need to get where you’re going.

You can play games with Alexa

Got a geography buff in the house? There are plenty of Alexa skills that offer fun trivia games. If you like traditional trivia, enable the Jeopardy skill and have a fun game night. Of course, there are many other quiz and gaming options offered by Alexa for pretty much any subject and age group you could desire. Also, don’t forget about Echo Buttons, which can add a new dimension to your game night by acting as buzzers and other gaming devices as you play.

Alexa can help kill boredom with a guided magical quest

All-new Amazon Echo in living room

The Magic Door, one of the highest-rated Alexa skills, is a great solution for when you’re bored and want an experience to help pass the time. It’s an interactive adventure that allows you to explore a magical land where you meet a variety of creatures such as rabbits, gnomes, wizards, fortune tellers, and so on. You’re able to help them all with their quests and, in the process, fully map out the land beyond the door. Time will fly by!

On the other hand, if you already have a good idea what sort of adventures you like to go on, you may prefer the Skyrim Very Special Edition skill, which allows you to explore the Elder Scrolls game through an interactive (and tongue in-cheek) Alexa experience developed by Bethesda Game Studios

You can find our other favorite Alexa games to play here.

Alexa can tell you details about the weather

galaxy s9 camera test rain and trees
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Alexa does give you local forecasts by default, but this amazing Big Sky weather skill gives incredibly detailed breakdowns. If you want to know the sunrise and sunset times, for example, or what the weather was like a year ago, this app can do that for you.

Alexa can save you money on gas

2020 Toyota 86 Hakone Edition
Stephen Edelstein/Digital Trends

With the GasBuddy skill, you can use Alexa to find the best prices on local gas, the best-rated convenience stores, and even the cleanest rest-stop bathrooms. Just say things like “Alexa, find me the closest gas station with a bathroom,” or “Alexa, is $2.70 a good price for gas?” By joining the growing GasBuddy network, you can even report your own local findings for best deals on fuel and cleanest roadside depots.

Alexa can start your car

2021 Tesla Model S

If you have the right model, a variety of vehicle brands have created Alexa skills that allow you to use Alexa to start your car, make sure it’s locked, and operate a variety of internal settings from temperature to lights. Current skills include:

Alexa can walk you through a workout

Gym memberships and personal trainers don’t come cheap, but fortunately, you don’t need to shell out loads of cash to get in great shape. Your voice assistant Alexa can narrate a workout for you, and it’s totally free. Let Alexa walk you through situps, pushups, and bicep curls — just don’t be surprised when you’re sore the next morning. Here are some workout skills to get you started.

Calm your pets

Image of EyeVac touchless vac

2020 aside, we can’t really be with our pets all the time. But Alexa has skills that can help out! Calm My Dog will play slow-tempo music specifically chosen to help calm dogs and keep playing until you return (with a premium option available). Calm My Cat does the same thing, except the music is chosen with cats in mind (no, we can’t really tell the difference, but maybe your pet can). And if you’re actually worried about a specific pet behavior, you can enable the skill MyPetDoc, an artificial intelligence (A.I.) designed to talk about common pet problems and what you should do next. You can even use it to speak to a live veterinarian for a fee.

Calm My Dog

Calm My Cat

Alexa can remind you to take your medication

Doctor on Demand Virtual Doctor Visit

Adding to Alexa’s pantheon of health and wellness skills, the team at Giant Eagle Pharmacy has partnered with Alexa developers to bring us the Giant Eagle Pharmacy skill. After some initial configuration, Alexa owners can use the skill to set up daily medication reminders, request refills from pharmacies, and keep in check with health habits with Alexa prompts like “Alexa, what medication am I supposed to take right now?”

Alexa can order from Domino’s and Pizza Hut

Quality of the pizza notwithstanding, ordering food without stopping what you’re doing has never been easier. Both skills require you to set up a customer profile, but once you do, Alexa can order your favorite ‘zas with a simple voice command.


Pizza Hut

Alexa can help pick you up when you’re feeling down

Got the blues? Need a spark of inspiration? Let Alexa play the role of a life coach. With the Inspire Me skill, you can raise your spirits just by saying “Alexa, inspire me.” Alexa will respond with uplifting quotes from the most renowned philanthropists and positivity gurus, planting a seed of hope in your garden of woe. You can even sort inspiring messages by speaker and topic by saying things like “Alexa, ask Inspire Me to play Martin Luther King,” or “Alexa, ask Inspire Me about failure.”

Alexa can help you sleep

Digital Trends

Let’s take a moment to thank our tech for helping us get some shut-eye. With the Sleep and Relaxation Sounds skill, your Echo can play a peaceful roulette of slumber-inducing sounds, from thunderstorms and gentle rain, to babbling brooks and steady heartbeats.

Alexa can help keep you sharp

Professor Einstein review pointing

You might enjoy learning new facts and taking deep dives into subjects you didn’t study in school, but it can be a drain on your time to listen to related podcasts or get stuck in a Wikipedia rabbit hole. You should take advantage of Alexa’s Curiosity Skill instead. You can use this skill to access content similar to that on, learning about topics like science, history, and more. A routing of “Alexa, open Curiosity,” will keep you winning every trivia night and make you look like a genius.

Alexa can start your Xbox

Xbox One X review gaming
Les Shu/Digital Trends

The demise of the Xbox Kinect has left many Xbox users unable to use voice commands on the Xbox. Thankfully Alexa has an Xbox Skill that gives you the ability to issue voice commands to your Xbox just like the good ol’ days. You can turn the Xbox on and even launch a game using this skill.

Alexa can help with homework

kids doing homework around Amazon Echo

Alexa can even help your kids solve homework troubles when they get stuck. She can answer a multitude of homework-related problems, helping students with quizzes, spelling, and more. Here are six ways Alexa can help kids with their homework.

Alexa can donate to charity on your behalf

Feel like donating to charity? Alexa can help with that, too. A number of charities have set up skills with Alexa that allow you to donate directly with a simple voice command. Simply say, “Alexa, make a donation to [charity of your choice].” You can find a full list of charities on Alexa here (there are a lot, and your favorite charity is probably there), with options including Love Justice International, American Childhood Cancer Organization, Bridges to America, House of Hope, Toys for Tots, and many, many others.

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