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2 weeks after Kylie Jenner disses Snapchat, Snap lays off 120 engineers

It's been only two weeks since Kylie Jenner sent the tweet heard around the Snapchat world, and now, Snap is laying off around 120 employees.
what is amazon key boxes 2 720x720

Amazon is looking to expand its burgeoning empire into Brazil

Amazon may finally be headed to Brazil. The online retail giant seem to have a ubiquitous presence in the United States, and now, it's expanding.

Alexa to play recently heard songs within Amazon Music

Amazon Music debuted "Local Popularity" and "Play More Like This" for its users late last year. Now, it's showing off "recently heard."
Gigabit Internet

Congress is looking to bring fiber internet to you faster with the Dig Once bill

Almost a decade after Representative Anna Eshoo of California submitted the so-called "Dig Once" legislation, the bill was passed by the House.
comcast adds fees for unlimited customers xfinity

If you’re a Northeast Xfinity customer, your internet will soon be faster

If you're an Xfinity internet user and living in the northeast U.S., you should soon be seeing an increase in internet speed.
august doorbell cam pro video storage 24 free  girl 030818

August adds 24 hours of free video history for Doorbell Cam Pro users

August is giving all Doorbell Cam users 24 hours of video history for free. You won't have to pay the $5 a month previously required.

‘Still’ not legal: PicoStill makes DIY booze a breeze, but don’t get caught

You no longer have to keep you moonshining business a secret. That is, if you have the PicoStill from PicoBrew.
garmin tactix charlie close

If you’re ever lost, Garmin’s Tactix Charlie smartwatch will guide you home

Garmin has introduced the new Tactix Charlie, heralded as a "new-and-improved ruggedized GPS wearable" for your next adventure.
amazon alexa laugh echo night creepy feature

Alexa, stop being so creepy! Unprompted laughter is freaking out owners

Amazon has explained why its popular helper, Alexa, has been chuckling in a rather alarming way, apparently unprovoked by its users.
vesta sous vide perfecta 0273 preview

New products from Vesta will take your sous vide game to the next level

Seattle-based Vesta is on a mission to make "sous vide even more popular .. .for everyday cooks and chefs alike."

Microsoft Cortana can now be activated without the whole ‘Hey’ business

From now on, all you need to say is "Cortana," and Cortana will stand (metaphorically speaking, of course) at attention.
dyson pure cool tower with app

Dyson Pure Cool line shows what impurities you’re taking out of your air

Dyson has introduced its new Pure Cool line of purifying fans. These appliances will both purify and cool your home.
Internet TV Sucks

Rhode Island lawmakers look to limit internet porn with a $20 fee

Lawmakers in Rhode Island are considering new legislation that would require ISPs to automatically block "sexual content," and charge $20 to those looking to bypass the block.
what is prime now amazon day packages

Amazon offers a discounted Prime membership for folks on Medicaid

Amazon announced that it would offer Amazon Prime memberships at an almost 50 percent discount for those on Medicaid.
combisteam pro oven electrolux steam

Keep an eye on what you have in the oven with the CombiSteam Pro

The CombiSteam Pro Smart comes with an integrated camera, which promises to elevate the "cooking experience to a new level." 
how to start secret conversation facebook messenger feat

Facebook adds video calling service to Messenger Lite app

Facebook is bringing video calling to its Messenger Lite app, the slimmed-down version of Messenger that saves on data.
sobro smart side table

The Sobro Smart Side Table can light up your way and cool down your drinks

Why settle for a standard side table when you can get a smart one? Meet the Sobro Smart Side Table, which fulfills all those needs.
deezer music streaming service tyler goldman interview web interface 2

Deezer gains full support from Alexa, but only if you’re a subscriber

The latest music streaming provider to gain Alexa support is Deezer, which at long last is fully integrated with the Amazon smart assistant. 
zos wine saver feature

Zos will let you keep an opened bottle of wine for weeks or months without worry

The Zos won't let you say that you just have to finish those last few glasses because your wine will turn to vinegar.
e7 smart thermostat honeywell xl 153087374

Honeywell is making your hotel room smarter with the e7 smart thermostat

Meet the new Inncom e7 Thermostat (otherwise known as the e7) from Honeywell -- with Alexa integrations, it'll turn your hotel room smart.
amazon best buy smart tv tech deals fire with 4k ultra hd and alexa voice remote

Amazon makes it easier for you to add sound effects to Alexa skills

Amazon announced the new Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) sound library, which gives developers built-in audio clips that can be added to Alexa skills.
housecanary resale price 35896987  home for sale real estate sign in front of beautiful new house

Zillow algorithm overestimates Seattle home’s value by 700 percent

The popular online real estate database Zillow somehow managed to overvalue a Seattle home by a whopping 700 percent.
apple watch skiing snowboarding showing ski app 02282018

With the new Apple Watch Series 3 update, you can now track snow activity

The 2018 Winter Olympics may be over, but he fun for skiers and snowboarders has just begun -- at least, for those who own Apple Watches.
instagram drug hashtags cell phone tablet device 163148

Say what? Instagram could soon be launching voice and video calling

There are files in both Instagram and Instagram Direct's APKs that suggest that there will soon be a "Call" and "Video Call" function available.
nike circular innovation challenge grind

Nike wants your help developing next generation of innovative, recyclable products

Nike is running toward the future, and asking you to help propel it forward. It starts with the Circular Innovation Challenge.
amazon best buy smart tv tech deals fire with 4k ultra hd and alexa voice remote

Amazon’s Alexa has lost her voice, and this time, it’s serious

Alexa has quite literally lost her voice, with numerous users complaining that their smart assistant was being unusually unresponsive
Toyota Platform 3.0 self-driving car

Toyota dedicates a new research company to autonomous tech

Meet Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, a brand new company which will focus on advancing the development of self-driving technology.

This innovative home chef made wine in his Instant Pot — seriously

At least one innovative culinary mind has managed to turn his Instant Pot into a home brewing machine, and managed to make wine.
archos hello 04 en

There’s another Assistant-powered smart display — meet the Archos Hello

Archos has debuted a new line of Google Assistant-powered smart displays named Hello. They'll go on sale this summer.
brewie plus 1 hero fhd

Brew up to 20 liters of your favorite beer by remote control with the Brewie+

After a successful Indiegogo campaign back in 2016, the Brewie is back with the Brewie+, a remote-controlled brewing experience.
Gourmia smart coffeemaker

Get your caffeine without thinking thanks to Gourmia’s smart coffeemakers

Gourmia is set to unveil a new line of connected coffee makers at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago. 
morror smart mirror

The Morror is a smart mirror that offers tips to help start your day

Few of us are hubristic enough to suggest that we don't need a helping hand in the morning, and here to help is the Morror.
harman kardon astra

Harman Kardon’s Alexa-enabled Astra speaker is its answer to the HomePod

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Harman International debuted the Harman Kardon Astra in partnership with Brightstar.
boston couple unwanted amazon deliveries package

Amazon is taking a photo of your front door to show you where your package is

Amazon has taken to taking photos of your doorway to show exactly where your packages are being deposited. The service is called Photo on Delivery.