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August adds 24 hours of free video history for Doorbell Cam Pro users

Who needs a smart security camera when you have a smart video doorbell? That seems to be the question that August is posing with its August Doorbell Cam Pro, which now features 24 hours of free video history.

Already, you can use this video doorbell to monitor your entryway for strangers and friendly faces alike, or leverage the companion app to speak with visitors even if you’re not at home. The August Doorbell Cam Pro also sends you alerts regarding suspicious activity, or any persons or packages you may have missed while you were away. And now, August is giving all Doorbell Cam users 24 hours of video history for free. That means that even if you haven’t sprung for any fancy subscription packages and are working exclusively with the free, Basic August Video Recording subscription, you will now be able to keep tabs of 24 hours of video history.

“We believe video recording is such an important feature for video doorbells that we are now including 24 hours of video recording for free with both of our Doorbell Cams,” August Home CEO Jason Johnson said in a statement. “Now if you miss a motion notification or experience a porch pirate walking off with a package from your doorstep, you can access and review the stored video from the August app.”

With this free feature, users will be able to replay, download, and share footage of everything that takes place outside your front door. Content can be accessed directly from the Activity Feed of the August app, and if you discover that you need more storage, that can be easily arranged — you can upgrade to the Premium Video Recording subscription, which gives you 30 days of storage, for $5 a month. Or if you know you need that amount of storage for the whole year, you can pay the annual amount of $50.

Also integrated into the Doorbell Cam Pro is a floodlight to help provide full-color video even at night. The light is triggered any time the smart bell detects motion. Plus, there’s the HindSight feature, which promises to capture video as people approach your door, even if they don’t actually ring your doorbell.

Of course, the Doorbell Cam Pro also comes with two-way audio and one-way video via its HD camera, and thanks to integrations with the Amazon Echo Show and Amazon FireTV, you can keep an eye on what is going on outside your home on a bigger screen. The doorbell also works alongside other August products, like the Smart Lock Pro, so that you can answer your door and unlock your door without ever leaving your couch.

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