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How long does a Ring Doorbell’s battery last

Your smart home is only protected when your security devices are on and running. To make sure your house is as secure as possible, you’ll need to know when to expect to charge those devices so you can make them last as long as possible.

The Ring Video Doorbell, now in its fourth generation, is an excellent first step in keeping your home secure. For example, you can use the doorbell’s app to see who’s in front of your house and get notifications. Pair this unit with various other smart home devices, and you can see who is at your front door, disable your home’s alarms, and unlock the door without getting off the couch.

Yet, that plan falls apart if your doorbell dies in the middle of the night. The good news is that you don’t even have to remember to charge it, as the Ring app will alert you when the battery is low. So, you don’t have to worry about it dying randomly, making it a great device to have on a property you’re not occupying daily.

How to recharge the Ring Video Doorbell battery

It’s a pretty simple procedure once you get the notification to charge the battery. First, pop the front cover of the doorbell and remove the battery. Once you have the battery, plug it into a Micro USB charger to charge it back to 100%. You can also purchase a secondary battery to ensure you have no downtime between charges, but that may not be necessary. It only takes six to eight hours to charge a battery from 0% to complete.

How often does a Ring Doorbell need to be charged?

Your Ring Video Doorbell needs to be recharged every six to 12 months. After that, the battery life depends on how much activity your doorbell registers daily.

Why is my Ring battery draining so fast?

There are a few reasons why your Video Doorbell’s battery could be draining faster than usual. For starters, you could have your doorbell noticing too many activities. It could also be that the doorbell is in a location with a spotty Wi-Fi connection.

Ring bases its battery life estimates on 1,000 activities. So, according to Ring, it should take 6 to 12 months for your doorbell to capture that many activities. If you want to extend your battery life, you’ll want to reduce the number of activities the doorbell recognizes. The best way to lower your activities from your doorbell is to either use activity zones or modes. Using activity zones only to monitor your area will ensure your doorbell isn’t notifying you about neighbors’ activity.

Also, make sure that your doorbell has a consistent, strong Wi-Fi connection. For example, you could move your router closer or purchase a separate router, such as the Eero 6, to extend the signal.

What happens when Ring Doorbell battery dies?

When your Ring Video Doorbell dies, it will no longer monitor activities outside and will no longer chime if you have the wireless version. However, wired variants will still chime since they are physically connected to your home.

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