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Ring Battery Doorbell Pro vs. Ring Battery Doorbell Plus: Is the new Pro model worth it?

The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is the newest member of the Ring family, offering high-end specs without the hassle of wires. However, it’s not the only premium battery doorbell up for grabs, as Ring already offers the Battery Doorbell Plus, which is slightly more affordable than the new Pro model, yet comes with many of the same features.

While there are a lot of similarities between the two, there are a few key differences to be aware of before making a purchase. Here’s a look at the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro and Ring Battery Doorbell Plus to help you decide which one is best for your home.


The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro installed near a door.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro and Ring Battery Doorbell Plus look virtually identical. Built to the same dimensions (just over five inches tall and two inches wide) and with the same satin nickel and black color palette, there’s no way to tell one apart from the other. They also both feature the iconic blue ring around the doorbell button, as well as a camera built into the upper black portion of the unit. In short, they both look like traditional Ring doorbells, and they both look great.

Winner: Tie


Installing a battery for the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus.

Since the Battery Doorbell Pro and Battery Doorbell Plus are battery-powered, installation is a breeze. After installing the mounting bracket to your home, you’ll just need to attach the video doorbell to the bracket and sync it with your phone. Unlike wired video doorbells, these two are remarkably easy to install and require only the most basic DIY skills. Ring also made it easy to remove and recharge the battery packs on the Pro and Plus with a quick-release mechanism that lets you pop out the battery without needing to remove the entire doorbell.

Winner: Tie

Features and specs

The Ring Birds Eye app showing how a person approached a door.

While the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro and Ring Battery Doorbell Plus look alike and share the same installation process, some key features are exclusive to the Battery Doorbell Pro. This includes Audio+, which offers improved noise-canceling for better two-way audio. You’ll also get preroll footage, support for dual-band Wi-Fi, and the unique Bird’s Eye View feature. Bird’s Eye View gives you an aerial view of your property, along with detailed records of where motion was detected throughout your property. If you’re worried about security, it’s a great feature to have.

Aside from those key differences, much is shared across the two video doorbells. Both benefit from 1536p HD+ video, the ability to set up motion zones, a generous 150-degree viewing angle, and support for color night vision.

Winner: Ring Battery Doorbell Pro

Pricing and subscriptions

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus installed outside a front door.

The new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro costs $230 and the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus costs $170. However, the Battery Doorbell Plus is often on sale for less, giving you a chance to pick it up for as little as $150. We don’t expect the Pro to go on sale yet — though it may see slight discounts during big shopping holidays.

Both products are supported by the Ring Protect plans, which run the gamut from $4 per month to $20 per month. Homeowners looking to just power the video doorbell can opt for the affordable Ring Basic plan, which costs $4 and unlocks 180-day video history, rich notifications, person alerts, and more.

Winner: Ring Battery Doorbell Plus


With so many exclusive features (such as Bird’s Eye View and Audio+), the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is undoubtedly a better video doorbell. However, its $230 price tag is hefty — and if you currently have a Battery Doorbell Plus that’s running without issue, it may not be worth upgrading.

If you’re shopping for your first video doorbell, the biggest factor to weigh is pricing. You’re certainly getting more features with the Pro, but you’ll also be spending more cash. If the improved audio, preroll footage, and Bird’s Eye View are features you’re interested in, then the Pro is a wise investment. But if just need something with crisp video resolution and reliable performance, consider saving a few bucks and snagging the older Ring Battery Doorbell Plus.

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