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The Sobro Smart Side Table can light up your way and cool down your drinks

Why settle for a standard side table when you can get a smart one? StoreBound, the product innovation company, is offering just that with its latest product, the Sobro Smart Side Table. Now seeking funding via an Indiegogo campaign, this smart table features bells and whistles you never even knew you needed (and perhaps don’t), like a thermoelectric cooling drawer, Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, a wireless charging pad, and smart sleep features.

This isn’t the first time that StoreBound has taken to Indiegogo to drum up support for its products. Just last year, the company debuted the Sobro Smart Coffee Table — the older sibling of this new smart side table — which ultimately raised $1.6 million from more than 2,000 backers. But the Sobro Smart Side Table is claimed to have upgraded features, as well as app connectivity, which the team hopes will make it even more successful among customers.

“After experiencing the runaway success of the Sobro Smart Coffee Table, we listened to our crowdfunding backers and saw an opportunity to innovate further and add more features packed into a smaller footprint,” said Glenn De Stefano, president of StoreBound. “The Sobro Smart Side Table is the latest introduction in the Sobro brand’s furniture revolution, and we are thrilled to be launching the product through Indiegogo.”

Designed to sit either next to your bed or in your living room, the Sobro Smart Side Table can keep your beverages cold with its cooling drawer, while also keeping your devices charged with not only the wireless charging pad, but also four USB ports and two 120V outlets.

Thanks to LED lights, the table can illuminate your way to the bathroom for your midnight needs, or can lull you to sleep with its built-in speakers (where you can play your favorite waterfall sounds). And apparently, if you pair the Sobro Smart Side Table to the app, you’ll be able to even further improve your sleeping habits with intelligent lighting that simulates the rising of the sun, as well as a white noise generator.

As ever, you ought to exercise caution when backing a crowdfunding project. But if you’re interested in seeing a Sobro Smart Side Table for yourself, the team is currently offering early bird pricing of $299 for the side table.

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