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Dyson Pure Cool line shows what impurities you’re taking out of your air

You have your air purifier running all the livelong day, so don’t you want to know exactly what it’s purifying for you? Here to satisfy your curiosity is Dyson, which has introduced its new Pure Cool line of purifying fans. Not only will these new appliances keep your home at a comfortable temperature, they’ll also ensure that your home stays clean.

Thanks to the built-in LCD displays on the new Pure Cool fans, you’ll actually be able to see precisely how your air purifier is cleaning your environment. You’ll be privy to a live graph of the elements in your air, and how they’re being eliminated in real time. In effect, it’s the same interface found on your existing Dyson Link app, but superimposed directly on the air purifier itself — after all, why pull out an additional device when you already have one on hand?

Anytime a pollutant spikes in your environment, a Pure Cool fan will not only notice it (and notify you by updating the LCD display), but will also address the issue by upping its purifying powers. Key to its effectiveness as an air cleanser is a new filter design, which is not only easier for you to maintain (thanks to seamless replacement), but also better at trapping particles found in the air. In fact, the new filters feature three time as much activated carbon, and a greater overall surface area in the microfiber filter component. That means more room to trap and get rid of pollutants. Perhaps best of all is the claim that the filters need only to be changed once a year, even if used for 12 hours a day.

To ensure that the fan worked as intended, Dyson claims that it’s implemented a new testing process. Rather than determining how well its products work in a small, enclosed space, the company is instead looking to create more real world scenarios, placing the fan in, say, a home or apartment. While this testing methodology is thus far live only in China, Dyson hopes to bring it overseas to North America, and soon, other markets as well.

The new full-size Pure Cool Tower is available for $550, while the desk version can be yours for $450.

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