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Swear off plastic with the rOcean smart water ecosystem, now on Indiegogo

If there’s anything you should be swearing off of in 2018, it’s those plastic water bottles. And now, there’s a new smart appliance company that wants to help you do just that. Meet rOcean, the firm behind the world’s first personalized, all-in-one “smart water ecosystem.” On February 21, the company is launching its two flagship products, the rOcean One and rOcean ZerO, both now seeking funding via Indiegogo. Both systems are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which means that your most eco-friendly alternative to bottled water is also one of your most convenient.

The rOcean One promises advanced water filtration, carbonation, and flavoring all in a single device. All you need to provide is a reusable water bottle, and the smart water ecosystem will provide the rest. The rOcean ZerO, on the other hand, claims to deliver many similar features as its older sibling, but boasts a more compact design and no carbonation option (because hey, not everyone likes the fizz).

“When our son was born, my wife and I considered the world he was going to inherit, specifically in regards to ocean pollution — there had be a smarter solution for people who want the same convenience of pre-filled plastic bottles without the inconvenience of single-use plastic waste,” said rOcean co-founder and CEO Sunjay Guleria. “By creating a single machine that allows the most advanced beverage customization and filtration at home than any other device on the market, rOcean consumers can not only have the most efficient drinking system, but can help to save our oceans while saving thousands of dollars a year.”

Indeed, the rOcean team notes, folks in the U.S. alone are responsible for consuming more than 60 billion single-serve plastic water bottles every year. And given that most of these bottles are not biodegradable and have a relatively poor recycling rate, our hydration habits are wreaking havoc on our planet. But with the rOcean’s new products, we should be able to eliminate much of this waste by reaping the same benefits found from store-bought water and carbonated beverages right from our kitchens.

The built-in water filtration system of the rOcean products claims to remove lead, arsenic, asbestos, cysts, chlorine, mercury, and 79 other contaminants. Moreover, rOcean devices claim to perform 15 times better and have filters that last 10 times longer than Brita. As for the carbonation feature of the rOcean One, it’s the bubbles are injected straight into your container of choice, so you can use any cup or reusable bottle, whether it’s a Swell, Kleen Canteen, or a Voss bottle.

The rOcean can be seamlessly linked to any water supply in your home, so you don’t have to constantly refill a reservoir tank. And thanks to the rOcean app, you can simply tell the device what drink you want, and it’ll be prepared in your bottle without your having to lift a finger. All rOcean devices are constructed with recycled aluminum, recycled plastic, bamboo, and other ecologically mindful components, which means your water filter itself is as eco-friendly as your new plastic-shunning ways.

Of course, as with all crowdfunded projects, we urge you to exercise caution whenever backing a device. That said, if you’re interested in bringing the rOcean One or rOcean zerO to market, you can get one at the early bird price for $199 and $99, respectively.

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