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Suunto 3 Fitness smartwatch is like having a personal trainer always with you

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Your personal trainer can now live on your wrist, provided that your personal trainer takes the form of the new Suunto 3 Fitness. The latest smartwatch from Finnish company Suunto, this new wearable promises to deliver a unique approach to fitness, and claims to adapt to training rhythms in order to provide customized training regimens to boost your wellness.

“Suunto has a long heritage in building reliable, premium sports instruments that are trusted by professional athletes around the world,” said Sami Arhomaa, Suunto Head of Portfolio, “Our goal is to equip and inspire everyone to lead an active lifestyle, regardless of their sports level or background, and with Suunto 3 Fitness our sports expertise and watch craftsmanship is made available for an even wider audience.”

The smartwatch features adaptive training plans and real-time guidance to serve as a coach throughout your workouts. The key to the Suunto 3 is its ability to automatically create seven-day training plans using your fitness level and overall exercise history to inform your regimen. And because the Suunto recognizes that life sometimes get in the way of the gym, the watch will automatically adapt your plan if you miss an exercise (or, conversely, end up working a little harder than you need to one day).

Moreover, the watch promises real-time guidance with heart rate target zones during every workout to help you maintain the appropriate intensity, as well as a heart rate-based fitness indicator that claims to determine your current fitness levels.

Like other smartwatches, the Suunto 3 Fitness displays 24/7 activity tracking and will monitor your steps and calories burned, and will also show a summary of your daily activity and sleep schedules via its companion smartphone app. And once you’ve paired your Suunto 3 with your phone, you can also see incoming calls, text messages, and calendar notifications on your watch. Bear in mind though that the Suunto 3 does not use a touchscreen, so you’ll have to turn back to your smartphone to actually respond to messages and such (as it probably ought to be).

The wearable is water resistant up to 30 meters, and is safe for a dip in the pool.

“With Suunto 3 Fitness we wanted to create an affordable watch that is not only an activity tracker but a solid training companion and source of inspiration for its user,” Arhomaa noted, “It has always been Suunto’s principle to design watches that are a joy to wear all day, and Suunto 3 Fitness is no exception. It serves as a beautifully designed timepiece from gym to the office.”

The Suunto 3 Fitness will be made available this spring in five colors — Gold, All Black, Ocean, Sakura and Black. Gold and All Black will set you back $284, and will feature gold- or black-plated stainless steel bezels and pushers. The Black, Ocean, and Sakura models come with polished stainless steel bezels and will retail for $247.

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