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Exercise greater control over your home with the iDevices Instant Switch

If Adam Sandler managed to turn you off of universal remote controls forever with his 2006 film Click (full disclosure, I cried like a baby and swore off remotes), that doesn’t mean you can’t easily control your smart home from a single device. Meet the new iDevices Instant Switch, a remote wireless wall switch capable of being paired with any iDevices products using Bluetooth technology for seamless smart home control.

While installing most wall switches involves a power drill and some electrical work, you won’t need either for the successful mounting of this new iDevices gadget. Rather, the Instant Switch can be positioned in seconds using the included Command Strip from 3M, so all you have to do is peel away the backing and stick it to the wall. Of course, that’s not exactly as secure as using screws, but it does seem significantly more convenient. It also means that you can place the Instant Switch just about anywhere — that is, after all, the point of this new universal switch. As iDevices noted in a release, “The Instant Switch is perfect to control hard-to-reach places, outdoor lighting from inside, as well as provide additional access wherever it’s needed.” And if you’re worried that using a sticker could result in significantly less precise placement, iDevices has a solution for you — the switch comes with a built-in level to ensure that you’re not sticking a lopsided contraption onto your wall.

The pre-installed battery of the Instant Switch claims to have a two-year lifespan, and because the device mimics a permanently installed light switch, you can also fit it with any standard rocker faceplate.

As for potential use cases, you can pair the Instant Switch with a hard-wired iDevices Wall or Dimmer Switch, instantly creating a three- or four-way control configuration so that you can control all your smart appliances from anywhere in your home. You can also place the switch at a more convenient height for your little ones so that they can help you turn out the lights at the end of the day, or place the switch in a more convenient location than your hard-to-reach behind-the-sofa lamp.

The Instant Switch is now available for purchase on both the iDevices website and Amazon for $35.

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