iDevices’ new products at CES 2018 will make your home smarter than you

idevices fan

You may soon run the risk of owning a home that is smarter than you are. At CES 2018, connected home brand iDevices debuted a number of new products and services intended to make your life easier and your home infinitely more clever. From integrating voice service capabilities into the walls of your rooms to a smart ceiling fan switch to an electric vehicle charger, iDevices is looking to touch every aspect of your household with its technological wand.

idevices ces 2018 fan switch cs

First up is the Instinct, a smart light switch that doubles as a stand-alone voice assistant, ambient light sensor, and motion detector. “The iDevices Instinct is a breakthrough in the smart home industry. It represents the next evolution in our extensive line of premium connected solutions,” iDevices CEO Chris Allen said in a statement. “The Instinct is one of many innovations to come from iDevices, forever changing the home as we know it.”

With the Instinct, you will be able to manage a whole host of connected products straight from your wall, as well as listen to music, call up a new recipe, and ask to hear the latest news updates thanks to premium sound provided by Soen Audio. Moreover, the Instinct’s motion and light sensors allow you to automate lighting schedules and save energy. Because the Instinct works in conjunction with iDevices’ portfolio of smart home solutions, as well as other Alexa-enabled products like the Amazon Echo, you can control a wide range of devices using a single light switch. Plus, the Instinct’s lighting functions work alongside Siri and Google Assistant.

idevices ces 2018 ev charger

Then, there is the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger, which allows you to control, monitor, and schedule your charger no matter where you are with naught but your smartphone. Using the iDevices Connected app, users can track their electric vehicle’s charging status, get an instant alert if their car is accidentally unplugged, and set custom charging schedules so that their eco-friendly mode of transportation remains as green as possible. Like all other iDevices products, the EV Charger doesn’t need a hub and can work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Charger is available either as a hardwired or plug-in model that will mount directly to your home’s garage wall, turning your household into an EV-charging station.

Finally, iDevices unveiled the Ceiling Fan Switch, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled fan controller that turns just about any traditional installation into one worthy of the 21st century. The elegant wall switch and canopy receiver allow you to control your fan’s speed and lighting with a voice command to any of the three major smart home assistants — Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. Promising to work alongside most ceiling fans, the Ceiling Fan Switch boasts three speeds and will allow you to monitor energy from anywhere thanks to the iDevices Connected app.

Both the EV Charger and the Ceiling Fan Switch represent joint efforts between iDevices and sibling companies within the Hubbell Incorporated family. “With these co-developed products, the first of many innovations to come, we have successfully combined iDevices’ vast IoT expertise with Hubbell’s 130 years of manufacturing and distribution experience,” Allen said. “Our core goal has always been to enhance people’s lives and evolve the way they interact with the world around them. We have achieved that goal with Hubbell and together will continue developing new smart home solutions that transform the way we live.”

Pricing information is not yet available for iDevices’ newest products, but are all slated to be made available in 2018.