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Reordering Coway air filters is as easy as not doing anything at all

Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends
Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends

There are plenty of things you can already do by simply touching a button — ordering a car, calling your mom, and now, replacing your air filter. But now, you can reorder an air filter without doing anything at all. On Saturday, Coway announced a new integration with Amazon Dash to make it even easier to bring clean air into your home. The Airmega 300S and 400S from the Coway line have become the first air purifiers to work alongside Amazon Dash Replenishment for automatic filter replacements.

Amazon has been adding a growing number of retailers to its popular Dash buttons, which allow customers to reorder basic supplies with a quick tap of the finger. Need more toilet paper? There’s a Dash button for that. Need more cat food? There’s a Dash button for that, too. After all, why go through the trouble of actually going through Amazon’s two-click purchase process when you only need … one click. Or in the case of this latest integration, no clicks at all.

Coway already has quite a deep integration with the Amazon family. The Wi-Fi-enabled Coway Airmega 300S and 400S are both compatible with Amazon Alexa, which means you can get cleaner, purer air simply by saying so. The addition of Dash, however, helps customers ensure that they always have their necessary dual HEPA air purifying filters.

So how does the Coway know when you’ll soon be in need of a new filter? It’s all thanks to the companion app, which tracks the status of your air filter on a daily basis by using patented sensor technology. When this technology begins to detect potential shortcomings in your filter, or feels that it is unable to purify your air to the same standard, it’ll send a message to Dash Replenishment in order to automatically order a new set.

“We’re excited to expand our integration with Amazon by not only being Alexa-friendly but also integrated with Dash Replenishment,” said Kevin Shim, Director of North American Sales for Coway Airmega’s parent company, Coway. “Replacing air filters on time is critical to ensuring that customers are breathing in clean, pure air. We look forward to offering more technology-friendly updates to help our customers more deeply sync Coway Airmega to their smart home.”

You can purchase a Coway Airmega 300S or 400S unit from the Airmega website. While there are units that don’t come with Alexa or Dash integrations, they’re probably not quite right for your smart home. Pricing starts at $649 for the Wi-Fi-enabled units.

Updated on March 12: Added clarification that the air filter reordering process is 100 percent automated.

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