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With Lilly and Calla, Inara and Lucca, Philips Hue takes a step outside for its new outdoor range

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Philips Hue products already illuminate the interior of your home. Now the company wants to light up your life in the great outdoors, too.

The latest products from Philips Lighting are also the very first introduced as part of the company’s outdoor range. Whether you want to light up dark walkways, shine a spotlight on your front door, or set the mood in your backyard with some wall-mounted fixtures, Philips Hue has you covered.

“The new Philips Hue outdoor line of products allows our customers to get so much more out of their exterior lighting, and simplify and enhance their homes and lives,” said Roger Karner, head of U.S. market at Philips Lighting. “Adjust or automate the lighting to welcome you home, light your path as you attend to housework, and have greater peace of mind over your home’s security. You can also select one of 16 million light colors to elevate your home’s look or create the perfect outdoor ambiance, whether you’re just relaxing or hosting family and friends for a barbecue.”

All of the new products in the Philips Hue outdoor range are designed to work alongside other existing fixtures within the company’s smart lighting family. All you’ll have to do to take advantage of their connectivity is add these new products to your Philips Hue bridge. From there, you’ll be able to control your lighting as you wish from the app. And just like your indoor lights, these outdoor versions are also responsive to voice commands. Lights can be controlled remotely or scheduled to be turned on or off at various points during the day. You can also trigger the lights to come on when you arrive home by using the location awareness feature on the companion app.

Philips is making available three styles of wall-mounted fixtures: There’s the Inara and the Lucca, both of which have 800 lumens and will set you back $50 and $60, respectively, and the Ludere, whose 2,600 lumens will cost you $130. All three luminaires claim to offer great light distribution, and are ideal for lighting up a front or back door or for sitting atop a garage. There’s also the new wet-rated Philips Hue White PAR38 light bulb that can be screwed into existing outdoor fixtures. These bulbs are $30 each or $50 for a two-pack, and boast 1,300 lumens.

There’s also a new spotlight — the Philips Hue Lily, which can be placed in a garden to highlight your prized petunias or anything else. The Lily base pack includes three spotlights for $280 (each light boasts 640 lumens), and extension kits will start at $80.

Finally, there’s the Philips Hue Calla for path lighting. You can select from a range of different colors in order to light up a patio, walkway, or simply set the mood for your outdoor living. The Calla base pack comes with one bollard and installation accessories, and will retail for $130. All of these new lighting accessories will be made available just in time for your outdoor activities this summer.

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