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Philips Hue expands smart lighting to the great outdoors

Philips Hue is a brand most people familiar with the smart lighting scene know and love. It has created a variety of smart lighting options to display in and around the home. Now, the company is expanding its outdoor collection with three new lights: The Inara, the Lucca, and the Resonate.

The Resonate is a black, minimal, rectangular wall light that casts light up and down your home siding. The light beams from the light are shaped in a unique and eye-catching triangular design. The Resonate will be able to display both color and white lights.

The Philips Hue Lucca provides both colored and white lighting outdoors.

Philips’ new Lucca light brings a more contemporary design to your home. This cylindrical light is encased in several black bands to give it a touch of a modern aesthetic. The Lucca provides a wide light distribution to liven up porches or backyards. The Lucca can also provide both white and colored lighting.

Lastly, the Inara wall light brings a more vintage lamp-style light to your outdoor space with a filament bulb. It acts as more of a welcoming light by only providing dimmable warm white colors. The Inara utilizes all of the smart features of the Philips Hue brand.

Philips Hue is not only introducing new lights but also some new lighting effects that we’ve only seen from third-party apps and services. The first of these new features that are coming throughout 2022 are Candle and Fireplace. These effects allow your lights to mimic the soft glow and flicker of a natural candle or fireplace. You’ll be able to use these new effects in the first quarter of 2022, with more coming later. All effects will work with Philips’ Zigbee- and Bluetooth-compatible lights.

All three of Philips Hue’s new lights will require a Hue bridge and will be available March 1. The Lucca and Inara will retail for $100, while the Resonate has a purchase price of $160.

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