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Best Philips Hue deals: Lightstrips and dimmable bulbs

There are a lot of great ways to save on additions to your smart home, but if you’re looking for lighting-specific savings it’s worth taking a look at the latest Philips Hue deals. You’ll often find Philips Hue products among the best smart lamps and best smart light bulbs, and it’s these sorts of products you’ll find among the best Philips Hue deals going on right now. We’ve tracked everything down you need to know to save on some Philips Hue lighting products for your smart home, so read onward for more details.

If you’re in the market for further smart home savings, there’s a lot you can check out. There are a lot of router deals, Nest Thermostat deals, security camera deals, and Bluetooth speaker deals going on right now, and they’re all worth taking a look at.

Philips Hue A19 60-watt smart LED bulb — $40, was $45

A Philips Hue A19 light bulb box.

A great way to get into the smart lighting game is with some light bulbs. The Philips Hue A19 light bulb comes in a variety of options. This LED bulb is capable of both white and color ambiance, offering both warm-to-cool white and millions of colors straight out of the box. For the most part all you have to do is screw it in, and you’ll have immediate access to voice controls through the Hue app as well as the ability to preset different lighting setups.

Philips Hue Bridge — $44, was $60

The Philips Hue Bridge and packaging against a white background.

If you’re going to outfit your home with smart lighting, it’s a good idea to add a Philips Hue Bridge to the mix. The Bridge unlocks the full potential of a Philips Hue lighting system, allowing you to set lighting automations and take control of your lighting features from anywhere in the world. With a Bridge you can add up to 50 lights and accessories to your smart lighting system. It’s easy to maintain with automatic software updates and easy to use with the Hue app.

Philips Hue Ambiance Recessed Downlight — $45, was $54

People gather in the living room under lighting by the Philips Hue recessed downlight.

If you’re looking to install some more permanent smart light fixtures, the Philips Hue recessed downlight is a good option. You can buy as many as you need to outfit your current overhead lighting setup with smart upgrades. They offer millions of shades of warm-to-cool white and color lighting that will transform your home decor and general ambiance throughout your living spaces. They feature Bluetooth capability for instant light control and up to 1,100 lumens of brightness.

Philips Hue Color Ambiance Lightstrip — $71, was $100

Ambient lighting in a bedroom with the Philips Hue lighstrip.

The Philips Hue color ambiance lightstrip is a versatile option for getting some beneficial and smart lighting set up around the house. It works indoors and outdoors, and makes a great option for lining desks, media consoles, porches, or stairs. It’s able to receive voice commands with any smart home assistant, and it works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and SmartThings. The Philips Hue color ambiance lightstrip comes in strips of 6.5 feet and attaches anywhere you’d like it to go with included adhesive tape.

Philips Hue BR30 Smart LED Light Bulb 2-pack — $90, was $100

The Philips Hue BR30 bulb and packaging against a white background.

The Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance BR30 LED Smart Bulbs are Bluetooth-enabled LED bulbs that you can control through the Hue Bluetooth app, which can support up to 10 of these lights in a room. You can choose to have the bulbs light up in different shades of warm to cool white light or various colors, and there are also several preset light recipes available to make it easy to set the mood for any activity. If you add a Hue Bridge, you’ll be able to unlock features such as controlling the smart bulbs while you’re not at home.

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