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Best oven deals for January 2023

If you’re looking for oven deals, there are factors to consider other than the brand. Buying a new oven isn’t hard, but you need to make choices. One of your first considerations is whether a convection oven is a better way to go than a gas or electric oven. You also have to decide on your new oven’s size, design and features. You can choose an oven with a range or an oven only and if you need a built-in oven or a free-standing unit. As with major appliances during the height of the pandemic supply-chain woes, good deals on ovens were scarce as prices increased for the ovens that were available, whether they were sold singly or in kitchen appliance package deals. Most, but not all, of the oven supply-chain shortage pressure is now relieved so you have more choices and the deals are better. Whether you consider yourself an experienced home chef or just want to bake brownies, we’ve done the homework for you and lined up the best oven deals.

Today’s Best Cheap Oven Deals

Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range with WiFi — $700, was $900

The Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range with WiFi in the kitchen.

This smart freestanding gas range from Samsung offers a large capacity of 6.0 cu. ft. that can fit multiple dishes at the same time, and can accommodate large roasting pans and casseroles. It also has a five-burner cooktop, which includes two power burners and a simmer burner, with its dual-ring burner providing powerful heat. By connecting the oven to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to monitor your cooking, and make adjustments to the time and temperature from wherever you are in your home through your smartphone. You can also use voice commands to control the oven with the help of Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Frigidaire 5.3 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range — $780, was $900

The Frigidaire 5.3 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range on a white background.

This 30-inch electric range from Frigidaire will help you prepare your meals faster and more efficiently with its 12-inch element that provides better surface contact for your pots and pans, and a 3000W burner that will take no time in bringing water to a boil. The 5.3 cu. ft. capacity of the oven will let you cook multiple courses at the same time, and it also offers a 100W warming zone so that the food that your prepare will stay at ready-to-serve temperatures. The oven comes with a self-cleaning function that uses high heat to break down grease and food debris, so you won’t have to scrub it down.

Samsung 6.3 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range with WiFi — $800, was $945

The Samsung - 6.3 cu. ft. Freestanding Electric Range with WiFi on a white background, with the oven open.

This smart freestanding electric range from Samsung looks sleek and modern with its stainless steel design that wraps around the cooktop sides and up to its control panel, but it’s also a powerhouse of a cooking machine with its large 6.3 cu. ft. oven with convection technology, 3300W Rapid Boil burner, and five-burner cooktop with adjustable medium and large dual ring burners. The oven can also function as an air fryer, using little to no oil to prepare fried food. In addition to Samsung’s Wi-Fi features and support for voice assistants, the electric range also works with the brad’s SmartThings Cooking service that will help you search, plan, purchase, and prepare weekly meals.

Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Convection+ Range with WiFi — $900, was $1,170

The Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Convection + Range with WiFi on a white background.

This smart freestanding gas range is equipped with a powerful 18K BTU dual-ring power burner, a five-burner cooktop that includes two power burners and a simmer burner, and a large 6.0 cu. ft. oven with Convection+ technology that evenly and quickly cooks food, so you won’t have any shortage of options on how to prepare your meals. It’s also Wi-Fi and voice-enabled with support for the SmartThings Cooking service, and you can also use the oven as an air fryer. With the Self Clean feature that burns grease and food residue through heat on high temperatures, the oven will stay spotless.

Samsung 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Range with Wi-Fi — $950, was $1,350

The Samsung 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Range with Wi-Fi on a white background.

For a more seamless look in your kitchen, you’ll want to go for this slide-in electric range from Samsung. It comes with a guarantee that it will fit any 30-inch space in your countertop, and with its fingerprint-resistant finish, it will stay clean and beautiful in the kitchen. The cooktop has five heating elements, including two dual-ring cookers, while the large 6.3 cu. ft. oven can prepare multiple meals at the same time. Wi-Fi connectivity and support for digital assistants will give you complete control over the cooking process, and the oven’s self and steam clean will provide a deep clean by heating to high temperatures to burn off grease and food residue, and steaming to make the cleaning job even easier.

The type of oven you need is usually dictated your kitchen arrangement. Unless you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new house, the decision of oven type and most other factors will already be made for you. Some homes are set up for gas ovens, other can only use electric ovens. Older kitchens are usually designed for freestanding ovens that have built-in ranges. Many newer kitchens, however, have wall ovens with separate range tops located on an island or another part of the kitchen. Before venturing off to online or physical stores, making a list that differentiates features you want and those you must have can save a lot of time.

The design of your kitchen can narrow your choices in picking a new oven. It can be tough to find the balance between what you want in an oven and what you need to fit your space. The good news is that there are many different colors, sizes, and styles of ovens available, so you will probably be able to find one that you like that actually works for your kitchen set up. Regardless of your wants and needs, today’s ovens are packed with technology that will make your life easier, such as timers, auto-turn offs, notifications, and more. Buying a new oven may help bring out your inner baker or sauté superchef.

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