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Philips Hue gradient strip can enhance your home theater experience

Philips Hue is once again expanding its portfolio with a new range of lighting options that will bring even more convenience — and aesthetics — to your home. In addition to a new product, Philips Hue is updating its existing line of Iris table lamps and candelabra bulbs.

The first update is to the Philips Hue Iris. It will retail for $100 and put a new spin on the classic design. The Philips Hue Iris will have deeper, richer colors, lower dimming capabilities than ever before, and an overall increase in brightness. It will be able to reach up to 570 lumens when using white light, and it will also have a fabric-wrapped cord to give it even more aesthetic appeal. The Philips Hue Iris can be controlled via Bluetooth in a single room, but you can also link it with a Hue Bridge to unlock its full range of capabilities.

The next update is a minor, but useful one. The set of Philips Hue E12 candelabra bulbs have been updated to use Bluetooth, making it easier than ever to set up and begin using the bulbs to create the perfect setting in your home. These are available for purchase now.

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However, the main announcement is the launch of the Philips Hue Play gradient light strip. This LED strip attaches to the backside of TVs that are 55 inches or larger. If you pair the strip with the Philips Hue bridge and the Philips Hue Sync PC app, or the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, the light strip will mimic the colors that are on the screen. It will enhance your home theater experience, reduce strain on the eyes, and create more immersive content.

There will be three different sizes of the light strip available, starting on October 16. The first is the 55-inch strip that will retail for $200. The next size up is the 65-inch strip for $220, and finally the 75-inch strip for $240.

Philips says that prices may change before the final release. If you’re looking for a way to improve your viewing experience at home, the Philips Hue Play gradient light strip is worth checking out.

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