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T-Mobile shows off the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in record fashion

No one has ever accused T-Mobile of being subtle, especially when it comes to the company’s marketing tactics. And the latest stunt the Un-carrier pulled to show off the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is certainly no exception to the provider’s over-the-top practices. T-Mobile has managed to set two Guinness World Records titles with the two new Samsung smartphones, and tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy the S9 and S9 Plus at the “industry’s best prices” from Un-carrier stores across the country.

It’s not entirely clear what purpose was served by the two new world records T-Mobile now holds, but we suppose it makes for some fun video content. To achieve their spot in history, the team took to Lake Elsinore in California in order to test out the new so-called super phones. The idea was to launch “the world’s most ‘extra’ speed test,” which involved several water-skiers, a very large magenta blimp, and the fastest Samsung phones on what T-Mobile claims to be the fastest network in the country.

So what exactly were the world records? One was the fastest text on a touch screen mobile phone while water skiing (honestly, it’s shocking that anyone holds that record), while the other was the longest distance water skied while being towed behind a blimp. Again, unclear why that record exists in the first place. But regardless, bragging rights are bragging rights, and as mobile service providers continue to bicker over who’s best, it always pays to have an extra talking point.

In more useful information, T-Mobile notes that you’ll pay about 10 percent more for the Galaxy S9 if you buy it at AT&T or Sprint, and even more still if you go to Verizon. The Un-carrier, on the other hand, will offer the Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, or Coral Blue Galaxy S9 for $30 a month, or the larger S9 Plus for the same monthly payment but with a $120 down payment. You can also get half off the S9 or $360 off the S9 Plus via bill credits if you trade in your phone. So if you’re looking for a new super device, the latest from Samsung may be calling your name.

Check out our Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus buying guide for more deals and pricing details. If you’re waiting for your device to arrive or are picking it up on March 16, check out our best accessories, as well as our best S9 and S9 Plus cases to complement your new phone.

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